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Trending Bra Style: Focus On 5 Must-have Bralettes

Trending Bra Style: Focus On 5 Must-have Bralettes
We all know that a bralette is for showing off- it’s a mix between your push up bra and crop top, making it an essential part of women’s lingerie. A bralette hits you somewhere in the centre of your torso. It makes you feel sexy — since you are showing skin, yet provides coverage. With every change in bra styles emerges a variety of bralettes that woman of all shapes and size want to flaunt. Confounded on what to pick? Here are a bunch of trending bra styles to pick from:

Halted in Halter With all the halter neck tops and dresses back in style, the halter bralette is necessity in closet this summer. For an edgier look, you can wear it under an open top showing off the bralette pattern. Add a fun pop of colour to your favourite white shirt with this unbuttoned style. The halter embraces the back-bearing trend without skimping on support!

Velvet fox to lust Velvet is no longer restricted to your dress and tops—this has veered into strappy b…

Donate your hair- A cause to vouch for

We women go through our regular dose of strife, yet current maladies that plague us have increased their magnitude to tenfold. Cancer is one of them- Mostly curable; yet it robs us of our pride procession, our hair.  For us women, we cherish our hair and take pleasure in its length and luxurious cascades. Yet with cancer, which comes with its own set of losses, we find that we have to endure the loss of our most cherished beauty aid, in the lieu of chemotherapy. The pain of hair loss through chemotherapy is not just physical but also psychological and we, at TLS Lingerie, aim to alleviate that through our “Donate your hair campaign”, creating awareness and  inspiring people to donate their healthy hair for a noble cause to a sister in need, so that she can feel a ray of hope from within. By giving her a part of our hair we are telling a Cancer warrior that she is not alone in her struggle but we are with her, no matter how far away we seem to be. …

Meet Maiyah

Meet Maiyah, our fun-loving expert in everything Lingerie! A fearless lingerie lover, she is found wearing lingerie as an outerwear, anywhere…even to the office! Being a dual citizen of multi-racial ethnicity, and an ardent traveller, she finds the many parts of the globe as connected to each other as the different rooms in her condo and so is at ease discussing her favourite topic; be it in the Bahamas, Belarus, Botswana or Bihar.

She is your knowledgeable confidante when it comes to discussing your secret thoughts or fears about lingerie. Listen to her sharing some of her Gyan through our blog, TLS Secrets or you may ask her anything @ she is sure to find you a solution for that pressing problem in lingerie.

Bring out your lingerie lover side with TLS!

Stylish lingerie is widely misunderstood and has a misconception of being saved only for special occasions. But beautiful and glamorous lingerie can and should be worn every day. Beautiful lingerie should not only be bought for special occasions, rather, it should be worn all the time! As long as they’re comfortable, it will only make you feel incredible to have a beautiful pair of lingerie on daily under your clothes, and it will make you feel extra-special when you’re taking off your clothes, too.

The world of lingerie has some less known facts under its belt. Did you ever wonder that how did lingerie originate? Ancient greeks are the first known civilization that stressed on the importance of supporting women’s breast. But after they obliterated, bras did not emerge again till the 1300s. The first bra in the world was actually designed to be worn above a woman’s corset.
Lingerie should always be worn in the correct size, too large or too small, both are not good and will never make y…

Get Your Mojo Back With Bodysuits

Bodysuits are back And with a bang! Bodysuits are versatile and can be paired with jeans, skirts, and shorts. Of lately it has become a staple piece in every girl’s wardrobe. They can be layered under everything from camisoles to sundresses. All in all, bodysuits make for an easy layering solution that looks ultra-chic and isn’t as bulky as other styling combinations.

Bodysuits are a one-piece form-fitting garment that covers the torso and the crotch. Unlike a swimsuit or leotard, a bodysuit has snaps, hooks or Velcro at the crotch. A number of fabrics such as cotton, lace, nylon are used to make bodysuits. They can also be sleeveless, varying shoulder strap and collar styles.

Generally, bodysuits are worn with trousers or a skirt. The top/torso part may act as a top for the smooth line it gives. They may also be worn generally as underwear, active wear or foundation garments. Bodysuit can be a new and fresh addition to your wardrobe apart from the usual tops and blouses.
TLS offers a wi…

Buy Shape Wear For a Better You!

Who doesn’t want to look in today’s world? We take every step now and then to present ourselves in the best possible manner. Women are more conscious in this department. Looking good is even more important when you have a special event to attend. Body contouring shapewear is a great option when you’re aiming for a slimmer and toned look in clothes that would otherwise be a little too small for you.
 There are many benefits to shapewear. Some of the major benefits can be summarised as follows: 

Instantly slimmer & toned look: - Wearing shapewear will help you to achieve a slimmer look and seem to give the appearance as if you have lost inches off your tummy, thighs and backside. You can even fit into clothes a size or even two smaller than you would normally be able to. Invisible beneath clothes: - Shapewear being made out of sheer material, is virtually invisible beneath clothing. So that means when you wear body shapewear no one will know except you. Inexpensive: - Compared to other …

Lingerie Couture on TLS

What makes you a diva? Make you stand out from the crowd? Your look, but not just the look! Something deeper, intricate, inner beauty is what makes all the difference! You gut, that makes you stand tall amidst all! That’s what lingerie does to you. It brings around an immense sense of confidence to go ahead and brace the wild wild world. Make a statement of power, the women of power, the women of mettle, the women of substance shop on TLS!  TLS Lingerie your preferred one stop shop for international lingerie brands. Think about any international style and you would for sure find it on TLS. Be it stylish international lingerie, TLS has it all. Offers, discounts and fab deals make it all worth shopping on TLS.  So it’s time you let yourself be what you always wanted to be. Break away from the taboos, the shackles of a mundane society and walk towards elevating yourself, your soul to another level. You are worth it coz you deserve to be good, to feel good. And it’s not just good but great …

Buy Lingerie That Makes You Feel & Look Good

Nothing is better than owning a pair of gorgeous lingerie. A fantastic bra that provides proper support paired up with matching brief makes for a stunning combination and is exactly what you need to feel sexy, beautiful, and confident. However, with numerous choices out there, it’s easy to get confused. We’re here to help you. With our tips and tricks, you’re sure to feel armed with the know how to get the best lingerie for yourself. 

There are different types of bras available each with features that cater to different requirements. If curves are what you’re fond of, then a push-up bra or a balconette will be your best bet. For a hot date, when you want to show off your figure, a stylish plunge bra under a deep V-neck top would do the trick. For an off shoulder or a strapless dress, choose a strapless bra with underwire for a push-up effect, or a bandeau bra if you don’t want to go for an underwired one. To keep up with your gym schedule and sport hobbies, sport bras are the perfect c…

Top lingerie trends for 2017

“To buy or not to buy?”  this is the perpetual question we face, especially when we are at a bargain sale. I was just innocently window shopping while on my recent trip, with no ulterior motives whatsoever, when suddenly I came across this trendy cold-shoulder top. Now you all know how the cold-shoulder is so hot these days and in spite of me being on a work trip I ended up buying one of these ...... again!
Speaking about hot trends for a cool summer look, let's find ourselves some sexy lingerie.
There can be a great deal of similarity between yearly fashion trends and the hottest lingerie of the current year, to the extent that fashion dictates lingerie trends. Yet, unlike the fickleness of the world of fashion, lingerie trends have a shade of resilience in them. Now, when it comes to women's lingerie trends for this year, it veers heavily of a healthy dose of polished glamor with a dollop of fun- be it in terms of material or designs.  From flirty to fun, the latest bunch o…

Lingerie myths and facts every woman needs to be aware of...

While at the gym break this morning, the gals were catching up on the weekend news and dissecting what was good and bad for a well maintained ‘gym-bod’. “ ” Don’t eat after 8 PM!”, ”’Eat all you want, but in many small frequent meals”, “Some sugars are better than others when it comes to weight loss”..... The tips were endless. This got me thinking. Back from the gym and the first thing I did was to read up on these diet myths and to my surprise, they turned out to be false, every single one of them!
I feel that my readers harbor some beliefs about lingerie as well. Lingerie is often fun and liberating, yet women get caught up in the significance of decking up, that unnecessary pressure is built. Urban legends are fun to propagate, but when it comes to lingerie- these need to be dispelled. Such lingerie myths are detrimental for the optimal use, as comfort comes from being in the truest skin while in the lingerie. Lingerie facts- bra facts and panty facts are necessary to drive out h…