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The Good, The Bad, and the Super Sexy!!

We are always surrounded by the war between good and bad, but you don’t have to pick sides when it comes lingerie! We love both the sultry appearance of skin peeking through edgy cutouts and dark lace or the soft touch of satin across your skin. We have them all, so here are some of our favourite pieces for your inner princess and inner dominatrix.   Let’s start off with some sensual black lingerie! This lace corset is a sure fire way to get anyone’s attention. Let your curves be embraced by delicate boning and beautiful dark floral lace. Corsets are the perfect piece for adding some excitement into your nightly routines. Not only is this a beautiful piece by itself, it comes with detachable garter straps as well!  Are you looking for something with a little more coverage, but not too much? Here is the perfect piece for you!
This gorgeous long black gown will make you feel as though you know the night. The delicate lace detail around the bust and trim helps your lover focus on your curv…

8 Corsets That Will Reveal Your Curves

“A white blouse or a pinstriped one for a business lunch…..I had to choose one of these yesterday and guess what!..... I choose NONE! Yes, you read that right, I chose to go blouse less...well not entirely topless though, I picked a black corset with a diamante clasp and put my jacket over it and voila, ready for the boardroom!.” There’s always that time in your life when you are bored with the same old- the exact moment when you want to try something edgy and new. Like dying your hair blue or donning a corset…..DONNING A CORSET? Why not? The corset is one of those versatile pieces of lingerie that work on double duty as a top too! And they are flattering towards your curves! Every lady worth her respectable Chanel no 5 should know these tips by heart: For the busty babe, you may find that an overbust corset is more secure than a regular bra. Overbusts hold up your breasts from the upper direction of the waist, distributing the weight and easing the pain of bra straps cutting into your …

7 of Our International Lingerie Favorites!

We’ve spent months combing through lingerie from overseas brands to bring you the best of the best! We’re truly excited about our international lingerie section: it’s designed to bring you high-quality pieces that are different from what you’ll find locally or at larger stores. From multi-purpose basics to the latest loungewear trends, we’ve got it all. Check out seven of our favourite pieces and why we think they’re staples for anyone’s lingerie drawer. 7-way Longline Strapless Bra This bra does everything, quite literally. Amazing support and removable straps allow this bra to be worn seven different ways, which means you’ll never struggle to figure out what bra will disappear under your pretty new dress or favourite t-shirt. It’ll be the most useful bra in your lingerie drawer! Dotty Play Convertible Longline Strapless Bra If you want a bolder style of convertible bra, go for this polka dot print version! It boosts the same great features as the 7 way strapless, with a chic print that …

Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Celebrating Valentine’s Day takes many forms, from a romantic evening in with your partner to treating yourself to something new and taking a relaxing bath. This year, we’re here to help you celebrate love in your life (even if that just means some extra self-care after a stressful work week!). We’ve picked a few of our favorite pieces for Valentine’s Day, from romantic and sexy chemises to bras you can wear every day of the year.

Charmeuse Halter Neck Babydoll And Matching G-String This silky blush colored chemise is trimmed with lots of lace and oozes glamorous sophistication. We love this tucked under a short lace robe with your favorite pair of heels - it’s perfect for sipping tea on weekends or for after a big date night out.
Organic Antimicrobial Padded Wired T-shirt BraISB045
If you want to refresh your lingerie drawer in time for Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with this practical yet pretty anti-microbial t-shirt bra. The natural looking padding and comfortable underwires en…

Points for a safe online purchase

We have now come that extend of online purchases were all our necessities are being bought online, from our early morning tea to the breakfast that we have had, the plumber who had come to fix that leaky tap before we left for office, our cab, our office-wear,….. you name it, we buy it online.

Online shopping is now not a luxury but a pressing necessity, which can save us from boring traffic jams, long hours away from home, facing out-of –stock notices of our particular need…. Buying lingerie online gives us the relaxing time to deliberate over each style, go through a lot of products and finally gives us the pleasure of finding a style that we truly like. That’s the good news. The bad news is, if you are not vigilant on what and where you are buying your online lingerie from, you might end up with pretty looking things which never really serve any purpose. To be honest, the first thing that I would recommend to my online –shopper friends is to

1. Go with tried and tested Brands, not Disc…

Get your bridal trousseau ready

Let's face it, wedding day is  an important part of a girl’s life. Every little girl dreams of the day she becomes a bride and has her own fancies on how she will look, most importantly the clothes that she will wear on her big day.And as the little girl grows up and becomes a young woman about to get married, she realises that choosing the right clothes for her trousseau is as important as buying her wedding dress. A well planned trousseau is wise investment from the bride that will last her for the first few years of her marriage. Starting from the venue to the shoes she’s wearing, every bride would like it to go her way. Now, when it comes to Bridal Trousseau, it must consist of the very best- after all brides are showered with dazzling new clothes for her new married life. A well-planned Women’s Lingerie Trousseau takes care of the minutest of the details of a newlywed bride’s looks from head to toe. However, the extensive list that every bride-to-be prepares, often neglects a …

Lingerie is more than just inner wear…

What is the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off? Lingerie! Thus, you really need to learn how to embrace your lingerie as a part of your everyday wardrobes. There are a few pointers that need to be kept in mind while shopping for lingerie.
Every woman should own a strapless bra, a T-shirt bra, a sexy non-padded lace bra, a push-up bra and at least one garter for dress up. Also a thong, a bikini and a boy short-style underwear.  Lingerie should also be taken care of very delicately. They should all be hand washed and left out to dry. Machines can easily damage the small bits of high-quality fabric. Bras and tops should not be thrown in a messy drawer, rather kept organized and folded properly to maintain the cups. Lingerie inspires, transform

Lingerie inspires, transforms, stimulates and excites. It allows a woman to express her real self in an intimate and meaningful way, no matter her situation or circumstances. The rig ht lingerie can lift up your spirits real high a…

Lingerie, this Mother’s Day!

As Mother’s Day approaches, we often scramble pillar- to- post in search for the perfect gift for the ones that bore us inside them. Our mother signifies the ultimate mix of a nurturer and a warrior- they have provided and fought the world for us, a feat like no other. While a decadently smelling perfume or a spa date may come across our mind, they are done to death, in terms of gifts. This unique woman needs to be cherished and pampered at every corner of her life and what better way than through a set of pretty lingerie? Yes, you heard us right! There is no vow written in hard stone where we can’t gift our mothers the prettiest of innerwear that she has ever worn. Let’s bust a myth here- being a mother doesn’t mean it’s all matronly for her.  In fact, we often forget our mothers are women too, women who have likes and dislikes in clothes, shoes and in their choice of lingerie for women. Unfortunately, we live in the age of the cosmetic “young and beautiful” perception where motherhoo…

Lingerie and self-confidence

Clothes maketh a man and more so a woman…., Let's face it, dearies, we are living in an era that is all about appearance- how one presents herself to the shoes that she wears. Don’t believe me? Check out all the hula -bula around Cannes Festival…is more about the clothes displayed on the gorgeous women rather than the movies screened there. The world knows more about what Dipika Paudukone and Aishwarya Rai B wore than which movie won the Critics Award! Just between you and me I am now rediscovering my self in green… Talking about looking how clothes help you in many ways than just for the looks, for one dressing in a stunning number boosts your self -confidence and your own feel –good quotient. Wearing a sexy piece of lingerie has the same effect on your physic, in-fact wearing a sexy number on the days that we feel down greatly improves ones mood. It is a misconception that women lingerie holds solely its purpose in covering our privates and enticing the opposite sex. This myth ne…