Points for a safe online purchase

We have now come that extend of online purchases were all our necessities are being bought online, from our early morning tea to the breakfast that we have had, the plumber who had come to fix that leaky tap before we left for office, our cab, our office-wear,….. you name it, we buy it online.

Online shopping is now not a luxury but a pressing necessity, which can save us from boring traffic jams, long hours away from home, facing out-of –stock notices of our particular need….
Buying lingerie online gives us the relaxing time to deliberate over each style, go through a lot of products and finally gives us the pleasure of finding a style that we truly like. That’s the good news. The bad news is, if you are not vigilant on what and where you are buying your online lingerie from, you might end up with pretty looking things which never really serve any purpose.
To be honest, the first thing that I would recommend to my online –shopper friends is to

1. Go with tried and tested Brands, not Discount offers.

That’s right deals; this rule is sacrosanct when buying feminine undergarments because besides looking delicate and appealing, the fit, construction, and accessories should be strong enough to offer maximum support. Always buy from a lingerie brand Vs just any pretty looking piece on discount. A reputable brand has a strong backing of decades of R&D and experience in selling lingerie, which gives us a better guarantee on the quality of our purchase. Moreover, you can check out the brand offline to see their quality of fabric, elastic, stitching, fit to have a fair idea of what to expect from each brand.
Maybe, there really is a reason behind why some of the ‘there now, gone tomorrow brands’ are selling at such impossibly low prices but neither your money nor time should be invested to dig that reason out.

2. Study a brand before committing

Do a quick study on the reputation of the brand that you would like to purchase from. Points like the number of years of experience, general feedback on the fit and quality, countries where it is being retailed will give you valuable clues on where a particular brand stands in terms of product knowledge and quality.
Let me help you with some Brands, here. 
3. Check your size before ordering Bras.

Yes, you read it correctly, each time! Really! Did you know that even a 5 Kg of weight that you put on or lose will affect your bra size? Add to this the fact that each brand has their own system of calculating the sizes; it becomes imperative that you check your size in the Bra Size Calculator given. This would give your exact size across the various brand on offer.

4. Be vigilant about the hygiene policies 


The rule of the thumb here is , Don’t buy from sites that allow you to return body fitted parts like Panty, shapewear e.t.c. Remember, what’s good for the Geese is good for the Gander, so if you can return your swimsuit or panty so could ten other shoppers before you, and darling, you don’t need me to point out what that means in terms of hygiene of the product that you wish to buy online.



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