The positive impact of the right lingerie

The positive impact of the right lingerie 

Hi dears, hopefully, you are now in preparation for the upcoming festival of lights. The sweets have been planned, clothes purchased, parties organized,....wait, How about the right lingerie? I know what you are thinking now. “Diwali and Lingerie,? C’mon Maiyah, you got to be kidding, right?”No, my friend. Did you know that wearing the wrong type of lingerie contributes to blockage of lymph nodes thereby contributing to developing Breast cancer?
The positive impact of the right lingerie
Breasts have always been considered a sign of feminity- a well paired tah-tah’s can be a source of pride for any women. And yet, cancer is one such ailment that threatens to rob us of these prized possessions, an experience that is as scary as it sounds. More often than not, women dress themselves up beautifully and yet overlook the tell-a-tell signs of abnormalities around their assets- swellings, lumps and so on. While self-examining tips can make a difference, such irregularities go undetected- leading to a full-fledged cancerous growth that needs to be removed.
Now, breast cancer has a two-folded effect on us- it weakens us physically and mentally. Post the necessary mastectomy, a survivor’s confidence hits the bottom, which can be solved with a pair of vibrant yet useful lingerie. Here’s a guideline into what lingerie to wear following a Mastectomy:

  • Choose a Pocketed Bra from a Traditional or Specialized Retailer– The easiest option for finding post-mastectomy everyday lingerie is to choose a specially designed bra from a manufacturer that offers pocketed bras. Luckily, most of the eminent designers such as Stella McCartney, Kitt Alan have come out with their own line of post-mastectomy lingerie to fit all shapes of women.

  • Alter Traditional Lingerie– Altering is the god of all solutions and may be just right for those having difficulty in snagging the right bra. Many Lingerie brands provide you the flexibility to modify some conventional pieces to fit your needs. This solution is ideal if you want to add a pocket to a conventional bra to accommodate breast prosthesis.

  • For More Intimate Moments– It takes time to adjust to a new body/look and hence, it’s difficult for women to shop for sexy lingerie, right after mastectomy. Give yourself time to al both physically and emotionally before you worry about shopping and when the time does comes be patient with yourself. You may find that mixing and matching is necessary, after all.  A conventional thong and garter set looks fabulous with a mastectomy bra for a gratifying post-mastectomy bedroom look.

  • Do What Makes You Comfortable– Not all women love their new look yet, they choose to embrace it. Women who have undergone mastectomy and are comfortable with their new body are definitely comfortable wearing lingerie that shows their sexier side. The most important thing is that you learn to love yourself once again, as nothing tops confidence than that.
While your breasts will look and feel different post surgery, you still have a set of stunning features to accentuate. Focus on the other parts of your body that make you feel beautiful. While prevention of mastectomy comes great beforehand, it is important to embrace the change and shine in it. That is how warriors are made and bred.

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