Get your bridal trousseau ready

Let's face it, wedding day is  an important part of a girl’s life. Every little girl dreams of the day she becomes a bride and has her own fancies on how she will look, most importantly the clothes that she will wear on her big day.And as the little girl grows up and becomes a young woman about to get married, she realises that choosing the right clothes for her trousseau is as important as buying her wedding dress.
A well planned trousseau is wise investment from the bride that will last her for the first few years of her marriage. Starting from the venue to the shoes she’s wearing, every bride would like it to go her way. Now, when it comes to Bridal Trousseau, it must consist of the very best- after all brides are showered with dazzling new clothes for her new married life. A well-planned Women’s Lingerie Trousseau takes care of the minutest of the details of a newlywed bride’s looks from head to toe. However, the extensive list that every bride-to-be prepares, often neglects a crucial part of her everyday must-haves- lingerie. The lingerie acts as an essential glue for any woman’s wardrobe- a well fitted piece binds and enhances the outer dress to its fullest glory. The following are the pieces that every bridal trousseau must consist of:

1. Thongs and seamless underwear.
Similar to that of bras, different types of briefs have an integral role to play and hence should be an essential part of the Bridal Lingerie Trousseau.  Women frequently overlook these essentials, but when it comes to having a sculpted look, seamless underwear is your best friend. A perfect choice for fitted dresses that could be worn for your glam cocktail party, or for any post-wedding outings with your husband, these are a must-buy for a flawless look.
2. T-shirt bras, wire-free bras, and bralettes
Who says being a bride has to be filled with uncomfortable bras! Finding comfortable bras is vital as most days fall into a fixed routine and during your day-to-day lives; the last thing you want to be doing while at work or going to the market is writhing in discomfort and battling with the urge to adjust your bra. Make sure you pick up at least 2-3 of apiece to make sure that you’re set for your daily wear.
3. Lace-trimmed bra and cheeky briefs
These are for the days that you’re feelings mirror that of a temptress and want to wear something that will convey your assertiveness. A key to remember- wearing sexy underwear on the inside can automatically give you a whole new approach and attitude towards yourself and the way you go about your day. So embrace the lace, and buy at least 7-10 of these styles to keep you fancy! As for cheeky briefs, you need to keep the spunk alive through these briefs.
4. Bodysuits, corsets, and babydoll
Frankly; you won’t be requiring to wear these every day but they are 100% necessary! Being a newlywed, it’s important to have these pieces around for when you’re in a playful mood. Even if in a sleepy mood, baby dolls are just the thing for a steamy cuddle session. To start with, purchase 2-3 of these sets for the season, so you can dress to express and steal the heart of your beloved!
5. Boyshorts and high-waisted panties
High-waisted panties are great for when you’re feeling bloated or a little amiss on the weight front. High-waisted panties form an integral part of shape wear, as they tend to hold everything in while alleviating pressure on your lower abdomen. Another essential part of your lingerie drawer should be boyshorts- there is nothing quite like lounging around in these flirty things and a t-shirt! Stock up on at least 3-5 pairs of these types of panties.


The perfect set of lingerie is a soul sister that you require- it always has your back! So, go ahead and buy these pretty lingerie to keep the “bad fashion” doctor away!


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