Lingerie, this Mother’s Day!

As Mother’s Day approaches, we often scramble pillar- to- post in search for the perfect gift for the ones that bore us inside them. Our mother signifies the ultimate mix of a nurturer and a warrior- they have provided and fought the world for us, a feat like no other. While a decadently smelling perfume or a spa date may come across our mind, they are done to death, in terms of gifts. This unique woman needs to be cherished and pampered at every corner of her life and what better way than through a set of pretty lingerie? Yes, you heard us right! There is no vow written in hard stone where we can’t gift our mothers the prettiest of innerwear that she has ever worn.
Let’s bust a myth here- being a mother doesn’t mean it’s all matronly for her.  In fact, we often forget our mothers are women too, women who have likes and dislikes in clothes, shoes and in their choice of lingerie for women. Unfortunately, we live in the age of the cosmetic “young and beautiful” perception where motherhood is still considered a dowdy thing. Buying lingerie as a present for your mum is not a huge deal- the utilitarian purposes of a good pair of lingerie make it the perfect gift for mothers- they are reliable and makes us look good, just like our mothers. So what type of lingerie to choose?
Your only major concern should be: How to select lingerie for your mother without veering into the inappropriate zone? Buying lingerie for your mother can be a tricky task owing to the position and gravitas that they hold in our lives. Luckily, the world of lingerie is not synonymous to only ‘naughty’. A variety of decent lingerie like gowns, slips, robes, kimonos and so much more are peppered across, for us to choose from. The key here is whatever lingerie you buy should be along the lines of classy, decent, tasteful and luxurious.  Once you’ve got the sort of lingerie you need to buy a cover, think intricate details: what colour is her favourite? What style does she appreciate most? Here are a few helpful pointers to get you started-
  • Ensconce the art of refinery set of gown and robe
  • Go classy with pair of cotton pyjamas
  • A lovely kaftan, hand painted kimono or lounging outfit would leave her mesmerised
  • A beach cover-up, if your mother is a beach bum
  • Dainty lingerie bags, hangers and sachets for storing your mum’s lingerie
  • A well-thought gift certificate from a lingerie company allowing Mother to choose the correct size, colour and style of her garment
Here you have it- a great head start towards buying the perfect gift for your mother, this Mother’s Day. Now go ahead and pamper your mother silly, after all, it’s her special day.
See You Soon Lovelies 


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