8 Corsets That Will Reveal Your Curves

“A white blouse or a pinstriped one for a business lunch…..I had to choose one of these yesterday and guess what!..... I choose NONE! Yes, you read that right, I chose to go blouse less...well not entirely topless though, I picked a black corset with a diamante clasp and put my jacket over it and voila, ready for the boardroom!.”
There’s always that time in your life when you are bored with the same old- the exact moment when you want to try something edgy and new. Like dying your hair blue or donning a corset…..DONNING A CORSET? Why not? The corset is one of those versatile pieces of lingerie that work on double duty as a top too! And they are flattering towards your curves! Every lady worth her respectable Chanel no 5 should know these tips by heart:
  • For the busty babe, you may find that an overbust corset is more secure than a regular bra. Overbusts hold up your breasts from the upper direction of the waist, distributing the weight and easing the pain of bra straps cutting into your shoulders, or a band around your rib cage.

  • Conversely, if you have a tinier bust, opt for a flat front style. Depending on the shape of your breasts, this women’s lingerie can actually add the illusion of an ample bosom. You can order one with alterations or pad the bust of an off-the-rack to tighten those perkies.

  • No designer lingerie closet is complete without the popular sweetheart neckline. Yet this very same silhouette is likely to exaggerate the asymmetrical bust line. Go with a straighter neckline and/or flatter bust, and buy cutlets or bust pads to fluff up the smaller side.

  • If you’re slim hipped, good news: pretty much any corset will improve your hourglass. A corset that cinches in under the ribs, rather than constricting them along the waist, will add to the wasp-waist effect.

  • On contrary, those blessed with a natural hourglass will absolutely need a sharp hip spring. For them, low-end corsets are often less curvaceous to justify a curvy girl’s natural figure.

  • Corseting renders well to full-figured types, but for the pudgy of us, the displaced flesh still has to go. A longline style, preferably adjusted to your torso length, will minimize this effect.

  • For a long torso, settle with a short-hip rather than long line corset. An under bust will break up the span of your torso more.

  • Those extremely short of torso are also liable to require alterations. If buying off-the-rack, makes sure you can sit down – the boning should not poke into your thighs. A waspie is a safe bet.

Corsets are the Curve's best friend. So go and grab ‘em all!


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