Top lingerie trends for 2017

“To buy or not to buy?”  this is the perpetual question we face, especially when we are at a bargain sale. I was just innocently window shopping while on my recent trip, with no ulterior motives whatsoever, when suddenly I came across this trendy cold-shoulder top. Now you all know how the cold-shoulder is so hot these days and in spite of me being on a work trip I ended up buying one of these ...... again!
Speaking about hot trends for a cool summer look, let's find ourselves some sexy lingerie.
There can be a great deal of similarity between yearly fashion trends and the hottest lingerie of the current year, to the extent that fashion dictates lingerie trends. Yet, unlike the fickleness of the world of fashion, lingerie trends have a shade of resilience in them. Now, when it comes to women's lingerie trends for this year, it veers heavily of a healthy dose of polished glamor with a dollop of fun- be it in terms of material or designs.  From flirty to fun, the latest bunch of lingerie encompasses a variety of style to cater to the various moods. So, without further ado, let’s jot down the top lingerie trends for 2017:

1. Velvet Lingerie
Velvet has taken the fashion world up by storm post circa 15, and now, this luxurious material is here to give a yum spin to lingerie. Try donning a velvet bra or even a velvet robe to channelize your inner Donna Summers, for the season.
2. Embroidered Lingerie
Bringing daintiness back in élan, embroidered lingerie is an uber-feminine yet fierce take on needlepoint for a style. Embroidered bralettes go fantastically well under blazers to take you from office blues to cute date-night.
3. Slip Dresses
Slip dresses or Chemises are women’s newest bffs. Women initially wore slip dresses as undergarments or under layering to sheer dresses. Now, slip dresses have debuted on their own as foxy dresses or nightwear, replacing baby dolls as saucy accompaniments.
4. Camisole Tops
Camisole tops have relinquished their memberships of being an undergarment, as they're making their way as tops for parties! Don a shimmery camisole over a leather mini for a groovy night out at your favorite joint.
5. Bodysuits
Fashionable lingerie 2017 would be incomplete without the Madonna of all lingerie- the sexy bodysuit. An upgrade from the garish leotards, bodysuits scream sex appeal through their curve hugging silhouette. Wear them under your favorite shorts for a look that screams “it-girl-in-making”.
Be it at work or play, these key pieces would upgrade your look, without making it look as if you’ve consciously made an effort. So go out, purchase these pieces and keep your lingerie wardrobe updated.

Love Maiyah


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