Lingerie myths and facts every woman needs to be aware of...

While at the gym break this morning, the gals were catching up on the weekend news and dissecting what was good and bad for a well maintained ‘gym-bod’. “ ” Don’t eat after 8 PM!”, ”’Eat all you want, but in many small frequent meals”, “Some sugars are better than others when it comes to weight loss”..... The tips were endless. This got me thinking. Back from the gym and the first thing I did was to read up on these diet myths and to my surprise, they turned out to be false, every single one of them!
I feel that my readers harbor some beliefs about lingerie as well. Lingerie is often fun and liberating, yet women get caught up in the significance of decking up, that unnecessary pressure is built. Urban legends are fun to propagate, but when it comes to lingerie- these need to be dispelled. Such lingerie myths are detrimental for the optimal use, as comfort comes from being in the truest skin while in the lingerie. Lingerie facts- bra facts and panty facts are necessary to drive out hesitation.
After all, we are here to have fun, so let’s knock some of these myths out

Myth No 1: Sexy lingerie is expensive
Nope. One of the most frequent myths that women harbor that sexy good quality lingerie is exorbitantly expensive. Brands like Agent Provocateur and Victoria’s Secret have helped propagate the notion to a greater extent. Most of the beautiful lingerie in the market are affordable and wouldn’t burn a hole in the pocket. So, be rest assured, you can buy a couple of them per year.

Myth No 2: Lingerie is only for perfect figure
Oh my god! This needs to go- pronto. It is a grave mistake to think that lingerie is for a certain body type only and fashion industry is to be blamed. The mass use of stick thin models for lingerie shows and photo shoots creates this recriminating notion amongst women. In actuality, anyone can don lingerie- curvy or skinny. One needs to be comfortable in her skin to wear such liberating attire and size doesn’t factor here.

Myth No 3: Lingerie is a fad that is often uncomfortable
Hey! Lingerie is supposed to be the most comfortable attire, second only to skin. This myth has arisen from all the delicate designs that lingerie is crafted on. For an average person, a bralette/thong may seem to be an uncomfortable contraption weaved by the strings of Satan but NO; lingerie is actually comfortable and easy to put on/pull off. Newer designs come equipped with easy pull off clasps, to add ease to taking it off.

Myth No 4: Lingerie is for the partner’s satisfaction
Since ages, lingerie has been considered as a part of the boudoir, owing to their visual tempestuousness. This has led to the 4th myth- lingerie is just for partners’ visual pleasure. The sense of liberation should come from within, which means that lingerie should be worn for self and not just to please the partner. There is an unending sense of joy and confidence that comes inside a few lacy wisps of material, and that joy should be savored by the wearer, at first.


Boom boom- pow! There goes away the above myths and in comes the facts that would help you embrace lingerie with the love it deserves. Go on, pamper yourself!

Speak to you dears.


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