Bring out your lingerie lover side with TLS!

Stylish lingerie is widely misunderstood and has a misconception of being saved only for special occasions. But beautiful and glamorous lingerie can and should be worn every day. Beautiful lingerie should not only be bought for special occasions, rather, it should be worn all the time! As long as they’re comfortable, it will only make you feel incredible to have a beautiful pair of lingerie on daily under your clothes, and it will make you feel extra-special when you’re taking off your clothes, too.

The world of lingerie has some less known facts under its belt. Did you ever wonder that how did lingerie originate? Ancient greeks are the first known civilization that stressed on the importance of supporting women’s breast. But after they obliterated, bras did not emerge again till the 1300s. The first bra in the world was actually designed to be worn above a woman’s corset.
Lingerie should always be worn in the correct size, too large or too small, both are not good and will never make you look amazing or give you comfort. An average woman over her lifetime wears six different bra sizes and it is unsettling that 80% of the women wear the wrong bra size.
We all have our preference towards the type of innerwear we tend to choose. According to a survey, 37% of women prefer bikini panties, 23% like the granny panties or full briefs, 19% go with the G-strings and 10% for another style. And interestingly, 7% of women prefer not to wear an underwear at all! Go Commando!
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