Points to keep in mind while buying shape wear

With the juicy mango season right round the corner, let’s cut ourselves some slack, let’s not talk about dieting for a change! [relief –sigh!]Did you know 3 -5 inches can be ”hidden”? Out od sight is actually out of mind and out of our clothes…. So how is it done? Well, let’s get down to knowing our trusted “secret keeper”, the silent shape wear.

While selecting shape wear from the many brands and styles available in the market, there are some very important features one must keep in mind, before deciding on the right one for you.

Always buy your correct size. Thinking that wearing shape wear which is a size down will help you look even slimmer is wrong. It not only creates a ‘caterpillar-like’ body silhouette but is also bad for your digestion and overall blood circulation. Sit in the shape wear that you want to buy and see if you have enough room to sit straight with your shoulders and back straight. Choose a style that will suit most of your clothes but it is always prudent to have more than one shape wear so that almost all of your wardrobe is taken care of. If you are pregnant, or are planning on getting, check with your doctor on your body condition before deciding to wear shape wear. Mostly shape wears have a problem with functionality while going to the loo. Choose one which does not give you panty lines, yet removable enough to go to the loo with ease.Let’s look at some of the shape wears on offer at TLSLingerie. Buying shape wear from TLS Lingerie has the advantage of being able to buy from the best brands from the comfort of your home. Moreover you can check with the customer service representative on selecting your size before making the final purchase. Dermawear the premium brand selling shape wear in India has chosen www.tlslingerie.com. As its favorite portal to sell their shape wear range. Dermawear has a wide selection of shape wear, which includes many styles that are suited for concealing the extra curves of its wearers.

Slimmer: Dearmawear slimmers have extra firm compression at abdomen & at sides that helps in improving total body shape. The ribs & mesh of the garment uses your natural body movements to micro-massage the skin & sub-dermal Adipose tissues (Fat cells), stimulating micro-circulation, venous drainage of excess fat & extraneous material etc. 
The extra firm compression at the abdomen and sides not only flattens the bulge but also improves the total body shape.        
Corset: Dermawear has many different types of corsetswhich are for different specific purposesFull body corset from Dermawear is a compression garment with ‘Anti cellulite’ micro massaging unique fabric made up of blended cotton & spandex. Its extra firm compression at abdomen, with the advantage of firm compression at hips provides better body shape. With advantage of adjustable hooks, oversized breast/bust line can be brought to shape by adjusting hooks on the tighter side.

Mini Corset from Dermawear targets the lower abdomen and helps to flatten the abdomen. It also provides support to weak abdomen muscles by improved toning and strengthening. 

Hip Corset from Dermawear is  a compression garment targeting the  abdomen, with advantage of firm compression at hips provides better body shape. This has an added advantage of bottom opening for convenience. 
Dermawear SS Low Waist: This is a low waisted compression garment to be worn to support the thighs and bottoms. Specifically This garment provides firm compression at lower abdomen, hips and thighs. Low waist design has advantage of wearing it under saree or low waist jeans. There is an added advantage of bottom opening for convenience.

Cami corset from Dermawear is a camisole that can be doubled Its extra firm compression helps flatten abdomen bulge & provides support to weak abdomen muscles. With advantage of adjustable hooks, oversized breast/bust line can be brought to shape by adjusting hooks on the tighter side.
up as a shape wear as well.

Tummy Reducer The favorite of all shape wear, the Dermawear tummy reducer is a waist belt kind of garment worn for multiple purposes ranging from therapeutic tummy belts to being worn a s a shape wear. It has an extra firm compression which helps flatten abdomen bulge and provides support to weak abdomen muscles. It also improves toning and strengthening of the abdominal muscles. External pressure improves the functioning of the lymph and venous circulation thus reducing and minimizing the accumulation of inter-cellular extraneous material & excess fat.

Good luck with that lingerie shopping, speak to you soon, 

     Love Maiyah.


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