Buying Bras Online? Points to remember before buying

I am getting a new whole new wardrobe so need to throw out a few of my very old clothes. While rummaging through my old collection I found that I had do throw out a lot of my much loved bras. As you all know, wearing the same bra for more than a year stretches the elastic out of shape so now I am left with buying some new bras for myself.
While getting my bras online ,I thought that I might share some points that I always keep in mind while I buy my bras.
1. Get a correct fit.
Some estimates put the number of women who are wearing the wrong sized bra as high as over 80%! The main reason for this is that they don’t get their bras fitted properly. When shopping for a bra, use the bra size calculator from a trustworthy page. Always remember that your body shape changes over time, so don’t assume that your bra size hasn’t.
2. Understand your body type
Remember that your overall body shape will also determine the type of bra that will suit you best. Again, check with the customer service  of the store, if you are unsure, before you buy.
3. Go for a firm fitting bra.
A bra should always fit snugly, so don’t assume that a loose fitting bra will be more comfortable. As a guide, a well fitted bra will be tight enough, so that you can only fit two fingers under the band.
4. See how the bra looks, under your clothes
As well as checking how the bra looks itself, check how you look with a top on too, especially for a T-shirt bra. While trying on a bra, wear a fairly tight fitting top that doesn’t have a very high collar, and then you will get a good idea of how the bra will make your body look, when you wear similar clothes,.
5. Check the position of your breasts
A bra is not only for support; it should also hold your breasts in the correct position. If the bra fits you well, then your breasts should be positioned in such a way that the middle of your bust is positioned halfway between your elbows and your shoulders.

6. Invest in quality , even if it is slightly expensive.
Bras can be expensive, but it’s much better to spend the money on a good bra, because it will be more comfortable and it will help boost your self-esteem. Don’t be tempted to buy lots of cheap bras; a few, well fitted, more expensive ones are a far better option.
7. Allow for stretching
Most bras are made from flexible material and, over time, they will stretch. Choose a bra that fits you well on the widest possible fastening and then you will be able to tighten it, as the material stretches.
8. Check your bra by moving around
When you check out your new bra in the mirror, don’t forget to move around to see how it’s really going to fit. Raise your arms above your head, twist to the left and to the right and bend over at the waist. The bra shouldn’t rise up, cut in and, needless to say, you shouldn’t fall out of it either!
9. Keep the transparency factor in mind.
Some of the delicate, skimpy bras can be a little too revealing when worn under certain lighting and with light fabric tops. It’s worth checking how transparent your new bra is, so you don’t get any surprises later.

If you’ve spent some money on a good bra, then you will want it to last. Always read the care label for washing instructions and, if you do machine wash it, place in a net laundry bag. Also, always air dry bras, don’t put them in the tumble dryer.
Now, let’s go Bra shopping!
Love Maiyah.


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