5 points to keep in mind while planning your Wedding Trousseau.

One from our girl gang is getting married! Wow, and now begins the planning frenzy…… from the lavish pre-wedding video theme to the collection of songs for the sangeet, we are now remodeled as Bollywood scriptwriters! A very rare break from our mundane 9 to 5 lives. In between all these planning, we were discussing her trousseau and that’s when I was shocked to realize that wedding is when most brides venture into the area of fine lingerie for the first time. Trying to learn about the many nuances of wedding lingerie purchase at this busy time turns out to be very ineffective, so I thought of putting down a checklist of five points for a bridal lingerie purchase.

1. Size Check

No matter how sure you think that you know your size well, it is prudent to check your exact bra size before your wedding. This is important as each brand will have a different term for the same size. Also, as you will be making a lot of bridal lingerie purchase, most of them expensive it is prudent to check your latest size for each brand. There are many bra size calculators available online these days.You may use a bra size calculator from a reputedwebpage.

2.Purchase in Packs or deals
While purchasing bridal lingerie, it is prudent to looks for multiple pack deals or purchase offers. Many online stores offer trousseau gift packs aimed specifically at the bride. This saves a lot of time by not having to travel from shop to shop looking for that piece of wedding lingerie that we love. Buying online in packs also saves a host of unnecessary expenses in terms of travel and transportation. Many websites offer free shipping for purchases above a certain level.

3. Fabric
A bride should be aware that very expensive sexy bridal styles in lingerie usually come in polyester or nylon. There will also be blends of these fibers with stretch fibers as well, but all of it is generally synthetic. A bride must be prudent in selecting the fabrics of her lingerie by choosing synthetics for anything that is worn as an occasion wear or for something that requires maximum stretch and hold. It is advisable to keep synthetics to a minimum when selecting daily wear and opt for natural fibers instead for this purpose.  

4.Curated Bridal Lingerie:
In this era of online purchase, many web pages offer curated selection of bridal lingeriethat is not available in offline stores. Rummaging through these curated collections saves the shopper a lot of effort of selecting manually all the bridal styles and also gives an idea of what new styles and features are trendy.

5.Curated Romantic Lingerie.
Bridal lingerie purchase is not a one-time affair that starts and end on the wedding day. It is a life’s journey where one discovers a world of romantic styles which can be worn without a limit on age or time. Many reputed online stores stocks curated sections of such lingerie. It is advisable to check through them. This will keep one abreast of all the latest trends , and information on what’s hot in ladies Lingerie 

Love Maiyah


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