Panties on your Period days

Do we really need to be mindful of the kind of panty we wear in our periods? Of course!Panties are the single, most impacted piece of a garment while at periods. Let’s see the different types of Panties available and which one is best suited to be worn during those days.

Bikini Underwear: They look like a bikini bottom, is a very brief panty but are made out of cottonsilklace or other fabrics that are used to make underwear. This is usually worn at the hips. At, there are brands like BLUSH of Canada, Innersense, Clovia, Amante, Elegant Moments, Nod’r.

These brands sell cotton bikinis as well as blended top quality women’s briefs. While in periods this style is ok to be used along with Tampons. For padded periods this style is OK for mildly curved women whereas for well endowed, curvaceous ladies, using bikinis might pose a risk of less coverage.

Thong Underwear: This is a kind of women’s underwear where when viewed from the front, the thong typically resembles a bikini bottom, but at the back, the material is reduced to a bare minimum. At, imported brands like BLUSH of Canada and Elegant Moments of US retails tops quality thongs.

Thongs are not recommended for daily use while at periods. Thongs can be used one odd day as a garment requirement for any particular garment.

G-String Underwear: A G-string is a triangle piece of cloth held on by strings, at the sides, and at the back. This is the barest minimum of underwear that can be worn as a panty. Imported Brand Elegant Moments of US retails some very good quality G Strings at
G-Strings like Thongs can be worn as a special garment requirement on a specific day. 

Hipster Panties: These are a group of Ladies underwear that is worn lower down on the body, with the waistband around the hips. All of the above-mentioned styles fall under the category of has many brands that sell Hipster panties for ladies. Prominent brands like BLUSH, Heart to Heart, Amante, Clovia, Nod’r, Fasense sell their Hipster Panties at

A hipster with normal coverage can be worn during the periods without adverse effects, though care should be taken to ensure that the size of the Hipster fits well and is not too constrictive.

So, check your size at the panty size chart and always take care to keep some comfort fit panty to cover those special days.

Love Maiyah. 


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