IDEAS for a cool Girls’ day out!

Hi darlings,
How is your party calendar looking? Is it getting too hectic that you would rather sit at home relaxing but have these one; all gals meet up that you need to organize? Well, you have company, because this is just what happened to me the other day!
I had to meet up with my cronies from yester years and come up with an exciting group activity. Since it was a hectic work week, I was dreading the weekday evening meet up until I had this brilliant idea, Why not go lingerie shopping with my friends! Invited all of them to my condo, had a dress code Pyjamas, made hot chocolate lots of cookies[ whole wheat, low fat, low sugar, mind you] had many fruit bowls ready and we were all set to go lingerie shopping.

Our destination was where we are sure to find many top brands and a wide variety of styles and choices to choose from.
One of us wanted a push up bra. After many deliberations she finally settled on a Multiway, Pushup Bra that can be worn as a Strapless bra when required.

I was not planning to buy anything until I saw this nice wired, padded, plunge bra and  fell completely head over heels in love it , I had to have it!

My friend, a mother of two wanted to buy a new non wired, feeding bra. As she was not sure of her size post-delivery, we used the on page size calculator to get her exact size .She found one that she liked and even her size was available. While looking for it she found a non-padded, T-shirt bra for her teenage daughter .WOW, Jackpot!

With a final purchase of a lightly padded, full coverage bra which was gift wrapped for one of our moms, we checked out. We even got free shipping thanks to our heavy duty shopping!

All this while sitting relaxed, in the comfort of my living room…MMM….you should try it some time.

Love, Maiyah.


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