The latest lingerie trends for winter

Planned on the choice wine for this year and trying to get a Yule log instead of the regular Christmas Plumcake.Deck the halls for Christmas glory, falalalal lalala! You know by the nip in the air and the longing for warmer comforts that winter is just around the corner. So it goes your cut sleeves and out comes the fuzzy woolens. Yet, along with a wardrobe overhaul, even your lingerie needs a complete rethinking keeping an eye on fashion trends in lingerie.Along with Party clothes, the focus now is on the best-suited lingerie for each. As you all know, a look can be enhanced or totally ruined by the wrong choice of lingerie.
Unlike common perception, lingerie is an important aspect, even for winters. Remember, your choice of lingerie is important whatever the season is. The secret to feeling sexy whatever you're wearing on top is what you're actually wearing underneath. So you may be wrapped up in the sexiest minks but with the wrong type of lingerie, your natural confidence might take a beating. To maintain the glam from within, here are a few latest lingerie trends that you should keep in mind:

  • For some exciting lingerie glam, a nice corset will do the trick. Corsets have always been sexy, both in the eyes of the observer and the wearer, adding a saucy spin to the whole affair. Since corsets enclose the middle torso, it brings forth a seductive look as it pushes the chest up and sculpts the shape of waist area. The best part- Corsets are perfect for every body type, even if you're a plus size as these are adjustable anyway. So whip out that Victorian garment and aim for play.

  • Winters are the best time for those darker colors. Although pastel works just as well, the darker colors bring forth a remembrance of warm toasty nights spent with your amour. When it comes to color, the best colors for winter would be black, blue, violet or any dark color. Bonus fact: Dark colored lingerie or just any dark colored material absorbs heat more, compared to light colored ones, making it suitable for cold weathers. Be bewitching, with dark colors

  • Of course, you wouldn't want to freeze to death, so pajamas are your best friend.  Although having a bad reputation for being plain and boring, pajamas have a special appeal to them. The concept of sexy pajamas is not foreign as the market is teeming in such sets. Try getting a set that comes with a fitted camisole top that would show off your d├ęcolletage. This would surely keep you looking sexy and at the same time keep you warm on winter nights. Other great lingerie choices for the bedroom would be camisoles and fitted sweats. While you can also wear babydolls and teddies, cami sets long pants would definitely be a better choice especially when it comes to keeping you warm and burning till dawn.

  • Materials such as velvet and flannel would make the difference, in this season of joy.  Flannels and velvets should be made mandatory owing to their utilitarian yet vivacious appeal. Not only do they feel warm, they add a polished seductive look. An added benefit- they are sexy to touch- your lover would thank us later!

There's no need to worry anymore about feeling un-sexy as you can still be va-va-voom with winter lingerie trends during the winter season!


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