Say adieu to Breast Cancer

Say adieu to Breast Cancer

As we run towards the commencement of another century, the threat of cancer runs deeper than ever. Amongst women, there is a silent killer on loose- going by the name of breast cancer. The risk of breast cancer stands eminent- almost 1.7 million women have been affected by this and the scale keeps increasing. Yet there is a reason to rejoice-treatments keep getting better, and breast cancer awareness is at an all-time high. Here are a few integral yet doable ways to prevent breast cancer:

Keep your weight on check
Obesity is a malaise that affects our body to the deadliest level and now studies say that obesity can be linked to an increased risk of cancer. Asking one to keep a check on the weight is a drone that we often hear and yet not follow. Weight management can reduce the chances of packed mammary tissues which are often the cause of cancerous growth.

Be Physically Active
When we diss about excess weight, exercise naturally follows. Exercise is often considered as a silver bullet for good health and women who are physically active for at least 30 minutes a day have a lower risk of breast cancer. Regular exercise is also one of the best ways to help keep weight in check- it’s time to hit the mat, for a cancer-free life.

Eat Your Fruits & Vegetables – and Avoid Too Much Alcohol
Mamma is always right- fruits and veggies go a long way. A healthy diet can help lower the risk of breast cancer so go crazy with the greens, yellows and the yummy. And all you booze lovers- try to cut back on the hic element. While moderate drinking can be good for the heart in older adults, the lowest levels of intake is said to increase the risk. 3 glasses per week is fine- too much party won’t lead to your longevity.

Don’t Smoke
Smoking is the most crass activity that one can undertake- it causes lung cancer, breast cancer, gives us bad breath and yellow teach. Yet, more often than not, women are seen taking up this hazardous activity in order to look cosmopolitan. Honey, it’s the body language and the behaviour you carry that oozes class.   So ditch the cancer stick and thank us later!

Find Out Your Family History
Sadly, sometimes it simply runs in the family. Women with a strong genetic history of cancer should take extra precautions to protect themselves, so it’s important for women to know their family history. Sit down with your elders and ask questions- be frank in your approach. As they say, the earlier the approach the stronger is the prevention.

Don’t Forget Screening
Now, now – this is the most important advice that we can give. Of late there has been a great debate about the kinds of radiation one is exposed to, during a controlled cancer screening. Yet, studies show that mammography saves lives, detecting breast cancer at its earliest.  While most women begin their regular mammography at 40, specific recommendations vary by age and risk. There’s also the act of self-examination for breast cancer, for those who are iffy on the talks of radiation.
Prudence may be a retrograde virtue, yet it can save lives too!



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