The must read guide for men buying lingerie

Granted that we ladies don't require anybody else to make our life shine, we are quite capable of it ourselves, thank you very much.But to have our male “best halves” shower us with gifts surely helps….. and while at it make mine the lacier the better!
Diamonds are not always a woman’s best friend- it’s gifts that often take the place. Yet, what comes to your mind when you want to gift your beloved something intimate and personal? Lingerie, of course! Dresses and make -up are so last century and flowers, jewelry and chocolates don’t just cut it. Lingerie, on the other hand, is a thoughtful gift as it conveys affection and desire- it is restricted for your eyes, only. Unfortunately, most men are at their wit's end, when it comes to choosing lingerie as lingerie buying is akin to traversing through a minefield. Many require a veritable” guide for men buying lingerie” to get through this harrowing situation but fret not! We’re here to help.  Truth is, there are 2 things to keep in mind as lingerie tips for men:
Shop for the size:  How does he figure out what size she wears is the first question that hit us while drafting this piece. Figuring out what size of assets your girl has may sound like stuff straight out from your favorite fantasy, but in reality, it involves a fair deal of sleuthing.  So doff your Sherlock caps and rifle through her lingerie cupboard. Make a note of the type of bra she wears- strapless, full coverage and so on. Curvy girls need full coverage, along with high waists and tiny ones require push-ups, with high cut bikini briefs. A little self-education on lingerie goes a long way in clearing the storm in your mind as it would help you take a leap start in your tryst.

Shop for the occasion: What’s in the occasion, you say? A lot! The different occasion calls for different types of lingerie. Confused? Suppose you’re taking her for a nice dinner and have a slit gown in mind, seamless shape wear is your best bet.  For a secret rendezvous at an exotic beach, tiny bikinis would set your heart racing and if you have a saucy romp in mind, latex and leather have this appeal. Occasions demand special attention, as they portray a sense of thoughtfulness and add a personalized touch. Also, the occasion can reflect the personality – if your girl is sporty then a sports bra is perfect and if she is feminine, floral lacy panties do their duty.

Consider this as The Gentleman’s guide to buying Lingerie and get cracking!

Love Maiyah


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