How to select lingerie according to your outfit

Tell me about the tedious process of buying lingerie!............Ever felt lost in a sea of styles, cups, and fabric,…….ever been unable to decide on that “perfect bra?” ….Gals, I am with you on this one, I feel your anguish….I’ve been there done that.
Buying lingerie isn’t as easy an activity. We, women often fumble in this category, ending up buying the wrong lingerie- leading a sense of regret, hidden and forgotten “secrets” stashed away in our wardrobes….While all we have to remember while buying lingerie is that what l lingerie we wear on a particular day/ occasion id dictated by the dress that is supposed to cover [or not cover in some cases] the lingerie underneath. Take, for example, a top that is extremely tight fitting, choosing a bra that has fancy embroidery isn’t the best choice to make. If clothing is free then one has got a much broader choice within what lingerie could be worn beneath.
Lingerie for a woman can be present for different purposes which are varied from giving maximum support, correcting any figure problems, gaining confidence,  to even attract the opposite sex in some cases. This multi-functioning garment needs more attentive selection while purchasing, thus requiring a beginner’s guide in choosing the right one according to varied requirements:

  • Colour plays an important role as the color of outfit you wear decides the color of lingerie you should pair it with. If you’re wearing a high waisted outfit which is in light colors such white, cream or even nude, you should choose lingerie that is neutral-hued to give your outfit a polished look. It doesn’t look lady-like to go on a professional meeting wearing a white mini-dress paired with a neon bra. When you’re wearing darker clothes, you can go wild with the lingerie colors as they will rarely make an appearance below your clothes.


  • It’s also important to find the right type/shape of the bra, to wear your clothing if you’re wearing the v-neck top you do not desire to be wearing a complete cup bra as an accidental slip may take place. For the deep décolleté show, a dive bra is really a more suitable choice. The perfect lingerie used to enhance shape is not elusive- it is attainable. It is necessary that your own bra isn’t on display because it’s a private part of your attire, not meant for public viewing. If you don a higher cut top you can wear any type of bra beneath as it won’t show from your top, decreasing the chances of being perceived as indecent.


  •  You would come across events that would require choosing the best lingerie, especially if you’re planning an attractive night with your significant other.  A night of temptation doesn’t have any space for ordinary t-shirt bra underwear set. Lingerie will make someone feel sexy only if she chooses right. If you want to assert a sensual tone, you have to bring out your sensuality through glittery thongs and skimpy lace baby dolls. You are planning for a fun romp, not a visit to his mother's so it would be wise to ditch the basic and go frisky.

Perfect lingerie ideas require a great deal of research and hence, will take lots of looking window shopping, but you will feel elated as you find the best piece to suit your attire along with your personality. Every piece of lingerie has its set purpose, so go ahead and choose your preferred ones. After all, what’s truly beautiful is all hidden inside…!

Speak to you soon, lovelies


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