Factors that determine breast size

Ladies.. so?of course we have it!….In all sizes and shapes. From ‘Big Momma’ to ’Twiggy’ it has been our crowning glory from time immemorial.

Women are wonderful species- we are blessed with the finest things that life could come up with. One of the leading gifts is the pair of well-shaped breasts. Breasts are easily considered as the ultimate sign of feminity as they add fullness to our well-crafted frame. I mean, who can deny the awesome capabilities of breasts? They can sell a variety of things; from coke to cars and have the power to start wars- Helen of Troy wasn’t desirable for no reason. Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is known for ample bosoms as much as for that ambiguous smile. Amusingly, something that has always made us wonder is the size of our bounty- a valid reason for the popularity of Bra size Calculator. It is a common perception may be a mis conception that the bigger in size, the better it looks. The popular culture always chases the notion of big, bouncy, perfect bosoms- with men trying to determine the shape and women trying to satisfy that perception. Yet, we’ve been in enough locker rooms to know that every woman’s breasts look different. In short- mankind is obsessed with the size of breasts.
For those Sherlocks and wannabe Pamela Andersons amongst you, here are few factors that determine the size-

Genetics- You certainly have got it from your mama
Ooh, yes- mama gave you a bountiful of goodies. Starting from the curl of your hair to the bend of your toe, you’ve got a great deal of genetics packed inside that well-shaped frame of yours. But, did you know that genetics plays the biggest role in the size and shape of your breasts?  Your genes also influence the levels of your hormones and as far as those often giggled biology classes are concerned; hormones are instrumental in the development of breasts. Genes determine how dense your breasts are, as well as what your skin is like, affecting appearance of your breasts. Always wanted to shape up your breasts? A perfectly fitted bra, with proper underwire would help you attain that elusive curve, worth envy and admiration.

Your Weight- the fatter you are, the bigger they are
They say meat is in- we wouldn’t blame them for saying the truth, as the meat you pack in is proportional to the size of your bosoms. No matter how big or small your breasts are to begin with, a large proportion of that tissue is made up of fat. So it’s no coincidence that your breasts expand when you do. Similarly, as you lose weight, your breast size could change too, so if you want to decrease your breast size this comes in as a hallelujah!  Yet another factor to keep in mind- the composition of your breast. How much fat you lose in your breasts when you immediately drop some kilos may depend on the composition of your breasts. Similar process can be use to increase your breast size, so hog all you like. It is advisable to do a recheck of your size every time you add or lose 5 K.G.

Your Age- Gravity doesn’t have your back
Yep, enjoy your perky girls while you can, as gravity will play its role after a while.  We all know the implications of gravity and like everything else; it takes a toll on the breasts. Bio class 101: beneath the surface, your Cooper’s ligaments, delicate bands of tissue, helps hold everything up.  Surprisingly, they’re not true ligaments- they’re fibrous structures in the breast that mimic the functions of a support tissue. Similar to an overstretched rubber band, these structures become less tensile, effecting support and eventually cause sagging/ drooping. But don’t you fret! You can prevent this by regularly sporting well-fitting supportive bras that reduce the gravitational pull and lift up your breast. Know your perfect bra size and fight the gravity!
Let’s work up that booty gals,


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