Comfortable and Glamorous Full Bust Sleepwear

Hey, you curvy lady of love! Scared of donning up for the night? Don’t you worry- we are here to set your wardrobe straight with a delightful guide to full bust sleepwear. Though a full bosom is obviously a major blessing, it does come with a certain set of sartorial challenges- especially while tucking yourself in. Whether you are single, dating or hitched, having a bunch of alluring yet functional sleepwear for women is your birthright- no societal norms should take that away from you! Now before you chicken out of this awesome revelation, here is a collection of sleep armouring that should keep you covered up for the sultry nights:

  •  Fun printed bra with wide straps is always in style. While selecting prints go for medium scale prints. For instance, if you are choosing a floral pattern, a large sized pattern will make you look bigger and even a small-scale pattern will also draw attention to your bigger shape; hence opt for a medium scale pattern. The straps should be supportive enough to hold the entire weight of your big babies, without the fear of spillages.

  • Opt for silky slips in darker colours in your favourite hues, as darker colours appear receding and hence they give you a slimmer appearance. Stay away from brighter colours as they appear advancing, causing shapes to appear bigger. Silky slips are ultimate signs of luxury as they glide on to your skin, leaving whispers of sensual promise to keep you longing for more. 

  • Opt for boxy top and pajama’s set. The boxy tees paired with cute bottoms are a girl’s best friend. They are the best option for down on chill time, double duty-ing as slay-worthy lounge sets to chill in with your best pals . There are tons of boxy sets in cute prints to enthral you while upgrade your look as scene- worthy.

  • Halter strapped baby dolls are awesome too. The myth that halter cuts make big busted women look dumpy, needs to be busted- pronto. Instead, what halter straps do is successfully lift sagging busts while providing optimal support and admit it- baby dolls are extremely sexy. They add a feminine charm to the wearer and are comfy to the boot. A couple of them in vibrant colours would add versatility to your glamorous sleepwear collection.
  •  What is luxury sleepwear without a lacy chemise? A flat set, it seems! Lacy too risqué for full-busted Venuses? No way! Lacy chemises feel like second skin while providing the required support and coverage- choose them in high cut style to play that shy nymph or plunging ones to bring out the siren and you are set to have a night full of wonder!

Now that wasn’t too hard, was it? Ditch that dumpy gown and opt for these pieces for that glam snooze that you deserve!
Love Maiyah


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