Bra-tastic: Right bra’s for your myriad outfits

“Cakes … they are all the rage now. Multilayered with exotic filling and custom made. That’s the trend these days. These yummy layers my dears, are held with generous dollops of different flavors of crème,[c’mon, some cheat days are allowed in EVERY diet!] to hold it stable yet enhance the taste.”

For our clothes, it’s best to consider the bra to be the ultimate crème that holds the outfit to its fullest glory. This revered member of women’s lingerieholds an important position is enhancing the look- a mismatched bra, even if it is a part of a designer lingerie line, would dip the beauty of any outfit by catastrophic levels. Apart from looking for a perfect fitted bra, one needs to keep the occasion and choice of outfit in mind. Here is a comprehensive guide in finding the perfect bra for your outfit:
T-shirt love
For the girl-next-door who loves her tees, a sassy lace bra wouldn’t make the cut. You need a bra that will stay concealed beneath it, without those pesky seams paying and appearance. Bring seamless padded bra to your rescue
! It’s lightweight and keeps your twins in shape, providing a uniformed finish.

Them backless days
There are days when you feel tempestuous and want to don the sultry backless dress, to show off some skin. Alas, just the regular bra would be unsightly with all the straps being exposed, let alone the strap marks on your beautiful dress. Ditch the regular biddies and opt for low back ones to give a sleek finish. You can also make your pick from a variety of halter bras, for a cute spin.

Shirts, ahoy!

Big girls come with big problems, especially while opting to wear a shirt. Here, minimisers are a big girl’s best friend. A minimiser bra is designed to compress, support and give a great shape to your breasts. Minimisers go especially well 
with formal wear, where your look needs to be crisp and your breasts need to stay firmly in the right place without making your shirt buttons look like botched surgeries.

Gym bums 

All you sporty ladies, this is for you!  While workout, the greatest dampener to a girl’s confidence, is her bouncy tah-tahs. A trusty sports bra will go the extra mile in giving you the right kind of support. Depending on the kind of activity (light, heavy, cardio etc) you can pick a sports bra that supports you well. Unlike other bras, a sports bra is sturdier and keeps your breasts from jiggling- the perfect for that mad spinning session.


Plunge plunge, baby!

Love wearing plunging necklines but tired of visible bra lines? Don’t stress, as demi has got you covered! Not De
mi Moore- Demi bra. A demi bra highlights your collarbone and reveals just the right amount of cleavage, without doing the peek-a-boo. Also, front-snap plunge bras work wonders, here.


So there you have it- another comprehensive guide to find your right bra, amongst the crowd. So go ahead, experiment with your clothes. Trust me, your bra will keep your base covered.
Hmmmm….. guess I need a piece of a nice creamy Red Velvet…..speak to you soon lovelies.

Love Maiyah


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