Lingerie buying tips for your plus-sized lover

So there you are, the love-struck lover of an awesome curvalicious woman and now want to buyer her some nice, beautiful lingerie which would make her even more beautiful……..wait there is a problem? Yea I know, How to determine her size? The one thing that you know about her size is that ‘’She is of the Right Size ‘’ for you! J Anyways, there are definitely some points you need to keep in mind while buying lingerie in general and plus –sizes in particular

1    1.  Put your heart in to the task
Look at buying her beautiful lingerie as an exercise in relationship building rather than an unpleasant chore that you need to get over there are some styles with. You might find that there are some very good looking pieces of lingerie, but not available in Plus-Sizes, remember it’s their loss not being able to cater to this amazing woman.

2    2. Take a sneak peek into her wardrobe
You might have to play sleuth and go looking for clues in her clothes cupboard, even her laundry basket! No kidding. Gather information on the size of her pants, tops and specificallylingerie if possible from whichever sources possible. Arm yourself with a fairly good picture about the kind of sizes that she wears before you go Lingerie hunting

      3.  Placement matters
While looking for clues in her wardrobe, be careful on what you choose as a reference point. Didn’t understand? Let me explain. Look for the undies arranged at the front of the drawer. These are the ones that she is using now frequently. The pretty ones arranged at the back are the ones that she uses occasionally, for various reasons. If you find these are of a different size the ones in the front always stick with the size of the lingerie in front.
4                                                          4.  Get her true colours
Don’t be in a hurry to leave your sleuthing work very quickly. Look for clues as to ‘does she prefer dark colours in general or powdery pastels’? Does she have a preference for one kind of colours for her outer wear and the other for her sweet nothings? You can also thing back on your idea here, which colour according to you brings out her true beauty?

                                     5.  Think about her general overall style statement

This is the final piece in the jigsaw puzzle that is’ A Lingerie gift that she ADORES’ Some women prefer a sweet, romantic look while others favor a darker sophisticated look. Think back to her style and try to match that, while buying her a lingerie gift. Take care to find out what she wants and not what you want to give her. You can shop for something that you want her to wear , like a gift for her on your birthday but when it is her day buy her as per as wishes so that she will cherish your gift and would wear it with pleasure.
Hope you have found these pointers useful, you may get back to me for any clarification or help while purchasing lingerie at

Happy Shopping,

See you soon,

Love Maiyah.



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