The ultimate 7-point guide to buying your wedding lingerie

In-between my blissful days of being a carefree bachelorette, I am many times asked to advise a bride-to- be on the points to note while shopping for romantic wedding lingerie. Let me share those insights with you too.
The lingerie that you wear for your wedding day is as important as your wedding outfit itself. Let’s look at some very important pointers for a successful wedding lingerie purchase

1. Which one to buy first?  
The wedding dress or the lingerie, which one to buy first? Can I pick up my favorite designer bridal lingerie first as soon as I see it in a sale and then decide on my wedding outfit later? Absolutely not! What goes under any outfit has an impact on the way the final dress looks like and the more important the occasion, the more careful one must be while choosing the lingerie to be worn under the outfit.
2. Choose the lingerie as per the wedding dress.
 Try your wedding outfit, stand in front of a mirror and see and see what kind of a bra, panty, shape-wear might go with it. You might want to enlist the help of your trusted friends on this one. [You may reach me @ and I will be glad to help,J]
 Ask our self and your friends, if you need anunderwired push-up bra to enhance your cleavage or a minimizer T-shirt bra to minimize the fullness at your chest area. Can your wedding dress hold a shape wear under it? If so should the shape wear be a fully covered one or something to target specific areas like a tummy shaper orshapershorts? Do I need a constrictive shape-wear or should I opt for a breathable body suit? Take your time in deciding the right kind of lingerie to complement your total look.
3. Check your current size.
No matter if your last lingerie purchase was a success and you feel that you can blindly follow the previous sizing. It is advisable to check your latest size before buying your wedding lingerie. All that planning and running around for your wedding shopping would have reduced some of your weight, so use a trusted bra size calculator   and check your latest size.
4. New lingerie item? not this time.
Wedding day is not an advisable time to try out a new kind of lingerie that you have not previously tried, like a thong, pasties, some styles of shape wears and nipple covers etc. These might turn out to be not just uncomfortable but also not suited for the purpose. You might ruin your day and the final look of your wedding dress with malfunctioning lingerie under it.
5. Careful with those colours.
If you are wearing a dark coloured wedding dress in heavy fabric, then what goes under it might just stay under itself but if you are to choose a pastel wedding dress then mis-matched lingerie might scream for recognition! Avoid flashy, bright colours under pastel or white wedding dresses.
6. Invest in quality and go for a back-up.
While purchasing your bridal lingerie it is a good idea to spend a little more on lingerie brands that give you quality. Keeping a back -up set in hand especially if you have sheer lingerie accessories like stockingsbody stockings, gloves in your trousseau is advisable.

Good luck with that lingerie shopping, speak to you soon,

                                               Love Maiyah.


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