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Talk about grocery shopping !I was at the local store the other day and found that there was  a whole section dedicated to “Organic Food” that sold everything from milk to vegetables and cereals! I was advises by my trainer at the Gym to stick to and organic diet that included a lot of fresh greens and fruits  and that how I landed there. The sheer variety of food stuffs that are available as organic is just awesome! I will let you on a secret, organic lingerie too is available! You don’t believe me? Check out  Inner Sense  which is India’s premier name in organic lingerie.
Out of all items in lingerie , Bra and Panty occupies the prime position . Online panty and bra shopping can be very comfortable and relaxing and rewarding if you choose the right brands. Shopping Inner Sense lingerie is a smart choice as their lingerie is organic, anti-odor and anti –microbial. Among the many lingerie categories, Inner Sense has many useful categories in their kitty.

Push up bra: This category is the most sort after one from InnerSense  in In a Pushup bra , the cups are not just padded but they have an underwire as well that will give a push for better cleavage. Good quality laces are also used in the construction of these by Inner Sense  .

Padded bra: There are many designs of Padded bra from Inner Sense that are sold on The padding and the fabric used in Inner Sense products are of excellent quality , that takes pride in offering it to their customers.

Bra panty set: Inner Sense  sells excellent Bra and Panty sets through These sets are designed to perfection, along with good quality laces that enhances the look of these sets.

Teenager bra:Teenager or Training bra from Inner Sense, which are retailed at  is a bra for the new entrants in to the world of bras. Here the bras are made with soft fabric, yet cut to give maximum support. The cups are also minimum padded there by minimizing the appearance from outside.
Nursing or Feeding Bras: The feeding or Nursing bras , is a category that is not commonly found else where.These bras from Inner Sense sold through are designed and constructed with extra features that makes breast feeding easy and discreet.
Panties online: Inner Sense, India’s premier online retailer for panties on line sells through , very well designed and tailored panties in good quality absorbent materials, The dyes used are non irritant to the skin and are odor free.

Maternity bras: Maternity bras are different from the feeding bras in that while the feeding bras are made to accommodate enlarged breasts and come with specialised opening mechanisms, maternity bras are, designed to accommodate enlarged breasts, without any special opening mechanisms. Maternity bras from Inner Sense resolve to provide fresh colours, prints and styles in super soft nursing bras to relieve moms from boring ones & celebrate motherhood with them.

Happy Shopping!,

Love Maiyah.


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