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My neighbor had come over for tea the other day. A young career mom in her mid-forties, she has a daughter in high school and two younger children in primary classes. I usually admire her way of dressing and holding forth in between all the things that can go wrong, but that particular evening she was quite not herself. Even her impeccable dressing style was not up to her usual standard!
While we shared tea and home baked cookies, she suddenly asked me “Where can I get post-mastectomy products for myself, any idea?” I was shocked .She then proceeded to tell me that all these years when I was admiring her picture perfect life, she was battling one of the fiercest enemies known to mankind, cancer and what’s more, she came out a winner! All this ,without ever missing a single second of “oomph!”
I introduced her to the Mastectomy category on www.tlslingerie.com, where you can shop even your feminine care products from the comforts of your home. The range of products for post mastectomy care on TLSLingerie is quite impressive with good quality bras, breast forms and camisoles on offer.
www.tlslingerie  also stocks silicone breast prosthesis which is in a tear –drop shape.
You can choose from the online mastectomy bra catalog of www.tlslingerie.com
Post mastectomy pads: These are removable pads made out of soft flexible material and can be worn on any side of the breast as the requirement.

Post mastectomypadded bras: These bras are different from the regular padded bras in that Mastectomy bras are full cup bras designed for women that have had a mastectomy. These post-surgery bras have a pocket inside the cup that holds the prosthesis in place. Once the breast form is place inside the bra, it creates a very natural look and feel.
Post mastectomy camisoles: Post-surgical camisole is  often worn immediately following a mastectomy and is quite easy to slip in to and out of . These also have pockets for inserting the breast prosthesis or pads for draining excess liquids. 

 Silicone breast prosthesis: A breast prosthesis is an artificial breast shape that sits inside your bra to replace all or part of your breast.

Hopefully you are now aware of the different kinds of Mastectomy products. As a cancer warrior or shopping for one, if you have any queries on the same, feel free to write to me at info@tlslingerie.com.

                                                                         Happy Shopping,

Love Maiyah.


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