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Does brand names matter, my dear friends? What’s in a name you might ask. A rose by any other name smells just as sweet. The same can be said for anything made by Mother Nature, where everything is made to utmost perfection. Sadly the same principle cannot be said for the work of human hands where quality is not an accident but is achieved through years of dedicated Research and Development, Quality control and best practices in raw material souring. Lingerie which might look deceivingly small and easy to make, is the toughest garment piece to make in terms of fit, support and durability.

I always trust good brands and reputed websites to buy from especially online purchases.
One such brand which I trust is Amante which sells at  Amante has a wide range of products which they sell at , I will share a few of my favorite with you all, below.

Teenager bra: These are the first bras worn by a young girl and so take care of all the fine points to ease her transformation into motherhood. The Teenager bras of Amante available at are made with soft cotton knits and are constructed to offer good support without being restrictive to growing breast tissue.

Seamless bra or T-shirt bra: Amante sells good quality seamless bras where the construction of the bra is such that no seams or joints are made while making the bra cup. These bra cups are moulded to shape and so leave no mark on the outer wearing garment. Amante retails various models of Seamless bra or T-shirt bra on

Underwire bra: sells wired bras from Amante, which has a metal or plastic support or “wire” inside the cup. Amante wired bras are known for their superior quality wire used in the construction of the bra.

Padded bra: Padded bras are a favorite category with the customers of Amante sells perfectly designed and well-constructed Padded bras at that uses top quality padding inside the bras. The cups are also constructed to give a smooth, non-bumpy finish to the wearer. Push up bras which are a variation of  the padded bras are also sold by Amante at where the padding of the bra cup is adjusted in such a way that it gives an upward push to the breasts , thus enhancing the cleavage.

Strapless bra: A strapless bra is a very versatile bra where the wearer can remove the straps of the bra as they require. Amante retails Straplessbras with, which are constructed to offer support perfectly even without the shoulder straps to support them.

Lace Bra: Amante the brand is known for the good quality of laces that they use in their bras. The bridal collection of Amante which is available at features exquisite laces, which are not just good but also are long lasting.

Happy shopping dears, speak to you soon,



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