Golden rules on how to care for your Bra and Panty sets.

Golden rules on how to care for your Bra and Panty sets.
I was staying at a friend’s for the last weekend. She had some interior décor work to do and I was pitching in. So while there, I was hand washing my sweet nothings as usual and she was quite surprised that I was spending time and effort in hand washing at all, anything in in general and lingerie in particular!

Thought I might share some pointers with you my dears as well on the obvious but often forgotten golden rules in lingerie care.

1Hand washing extends the lifecycle of your well-loved bra. a good bra should last up to 6 months (of course the frequency of its use also plays a part.)

2. Washing in a machine will stretch out the elastic components of both bra and panty, decreasing its efficiency in giving the required support. A delicate lace bra and other detailed panties will also get damaged after constant machine cycles.

3. Leaving a bra unhooked in the machine will cause it to get tangled with the other clothes and damage the hook and elastic. It will also damage a well-constructed brassiere set by pulling it out of shape. 

4. Washing colored lingerie with other clothes will cause it to loose its shine and color.

5. Aggressive machine washing can cause the underwire to pop out of its’ encasing and the fabric to thin and tear.

6. Bras should be washed between 2-5 wears depending on the type of skin you have – the oils from your skin can degrade elastic, along with perfumes and deodorants so if you’ve had a particularly sweaty day, then it’s probably best to wash, if not, wear for another day.

Bra & Panty Set7. To wash the bra and panty set, simply soak it in lukewarm water from 45 minutes to an hour, in the sink or a bowl with a splash of lingerie wash, baby shampoo or if you don’t have those, normal shampoo or a teaspoon of detergent will work fine; the less harsh the better.Keep in mind that if the water is too warm, the elastics in your panties will break down and your panties will shrink. Luckily, cooler water can ‘shock’ elasticized panties closer to their original shape.

8. Make sure the set is completely submerged, then leave it for 15 – 20 minutes, if the bra is slightly soiled, lightly agitate in the water or use a toothbrush to get rid of any stains otherwise it’s fine just staying still, definitely do not rub the bra together.

9. After the bra has been soaked, fill the sink or bowl with fresh water and submerge once more, move the bra around a little whilst rinsing under a cold tap to ensure there is no product left in the bra and all the dirt is out. For panties pour a small amount of detergent (about a teaspoon) and gently rub the fabric together to remove any spots or stains.

10.  If you must toss your panties into the washing machine, remember to always place your panties in a mesh bag (or a knotted pillowcase), with like colors, to ensure your knickers won’t snag and tear.

11. Hang dry and never machine dry.

There, now that you ‘ve got some good pointers on how to extend the lifespan of that sexy bra /panty set, let’s go and shop some more,
Happy Shopping!
Love, Maiyah


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