Wedding Lingerie : Choosing The Perfect Lingerie to Match Your Wedding Dress

With the wedding season round the corner, a lot of my friends ask me on what is the best lingerie to help one attend a wedding reception or any grand party for that matter. After all, come December and the cold months , when one can finally enjoy the outdoors without getting baked, all kinds of party invitations fall out of the woodwork!

Let’s check out some pointers on what lingerie to buy for this wedding season
Go Kitsch with colours
Gone are the days of the famous 3 options in bra and panty, Black, White or Nude. Now you have lingerie in all colors from Fuchsia to Lemon yellow polkadots! So go ahead ,add some splurge of colour to your wardrobe with brightly coloured lingerie. After all, high parties provide us the best reason to show off a teal corset through a sheer black evening top, the look in itself is high street fashion .Pep it up with floral prints and you are all set to make your romantic mark at any event.

Be adventurous with styles
Fancy getting that bodysuit? Dreamt of buying some Internationalstyles for your wardrobe? Well party season is your best reason to be trying these. Styles like  a longline bra or a corset can be used to provide that needed coverage yet keep you stylish. Placed between a full covered chemise but shapeless and a bra, these lingerie pieces actually add comfort , sexiness and coverage all the same time
Push it up

For those of who are still indecisive of that fancy pushup bra, deliberate no more. You are not alone in fearing the unknown, many women are unsure of trying out sexy styles. Your expensive party outfits are the perfect cover to wear that sexy padded push-up that you always wanted. You will also find that a push-up bra really works well with heavy embroidered party outfits, by giving your figure that little lift in the right direction.
Invest in a good Shape wear
Lets face it , a woman can never be too thin or too rich.  We all need that little help to shape things up a little bit at some point or the other [pun intended].A good fitting shape wear not only makes us look a lot younger and shapely, It is a good throw- back to that pin-up girl era, giving us a
curvy sultry silhouette the minute you pull one on.

Lounge in style
It’s not just the day wear or the party evening wear that defines your style, but even the clothes that you wear to lounge around the party wear speaks volumes about your class and style. Choose stylish good quality sleep wear and Leisure wear that compliments your total image . While wearing it at a destination party venue, It must be presentable outside the bedroom, comfortable to be worn as a lounge wear and must follow through the quality and class that you are displaying through your party wear.
With all these tips I am sure you are now ready to take the plunge,Ladies,Happy shopping!Speak to you soon,



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