How to plan for your lingerie for your winter travel and parties

Vacations and parties are an excellent opportunity to chill, unwind and have fun. Yet, overlooking the basics can pull a dampener over the whole purpose. While packing, we tend to get too focused on taking enough outfit options whilst still making sure we’ve got enough extra room for souvenirs. What goes for a toss is our recognisance towards the most integral part of the wardrobe- i.e. lingerie.   In fact, any considerations to the foundation garments are often conceived as an after-thought!
However, without the proper undergarments, an outfit is rendered incomplete. Many of those carefully curated outfits turn out to be disasters, when paired with improper undergarments. Hence, Rule 1: For every outfit that you take with you, always make sure that you have the right undergarments. A nightmare for any trip- realizing  that you’ve forgotten to pack seamless underwear or a strapless bra, setting your whole dress-up plan on berserk mode. Yet, often, it can be difficult to work out which bras and briefs you need without over packing.A fail-safe way to prepare is to pack the following essential items:

  • Matching bra and briefs in skin colour- Neutrals are always a safer choice and need to be given the paramount position. A neutral set can work wonders on the white co-ords that you are taking, to elevate your brunch memories.

  • A strapless bra- Aim to club like a criminal with that mini tube dress that you have saved for. But oh- don’t forget to pack your strapless bra- they’ll provide you the right coverage to dance the night away.

  • Seamless underwear- There are times when a girl loves donning her favourite fitted dress and no- panty lines aren’t acceptable, here! Complement the curves with a seamless finish, courtesy seamless underwear.

  • A beautiful matching set for special occasions- Dates and night romps want more that that saucy yet overdone garter- it needs a beautiful something to lighten the fire. Carry a beautiful set of lace and net and watch yourself turn into a cauldron of desire.

  • Fun swimwear- Fun at the beach would be incomplete without some enticing swimwear. Showing off your favourite bits can be more fun as you lounge in a bikini, tankini, monokini or others.

  • Classic T-shirt bra- For all those indecisive “tee and jeans” moments, a classic T-shirt bra would work wonders. Not only are they comfy to lounge in, versatility is the key point here.

Another advice- Before fully packing, lay out all your outfits and ensure that you have the right lingerie for each set. So go ahead, plan that getaway!

Love Maiyah.


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