Your Curvalicious Index- Plus sized lingerie

Some of us are born to be round. No matter what diet fads we follow, we just can’t seem to get rid of that handle in the middle,….. ok and sides as well. But not to worry , we at TLS have the right solutions”.
The Fashion industry, currently through the ever increasing social media handles is in a campaign of   inculcating in each of us their ideas of what’s “in” and what’s “out”. This has greatly affected the perception of beauty, even more has given rise to many unhealthy outcomes like depression, eating disorders, low self -esteem as women all across have started pitching themselves against the “ideal body” shape  on a daily basis. The constant battle with our body shape and size stands testament to this skewed perception as we constantly shun fat for a much slimmer avatar

The fact that fat phobia exists is no secret. It is a common misconception that plus sized women should restrict themselves from wearing lingerie, owing to the presence of body fat that come s in the way of a seamless appearance. This leads to a sense of acute vulnerability, as plus-sized women draw up a conclusion that they would be ridiculed for even attempting to don what is perceived as manna of seductiveness.

The thing is, there is beauty to vulnerability. With vulnerability comes the intrinsic ability to feel deeply. With vulnerability come softness, humility and warmth. There are few things that feel more vulnerable than wearing woman lingerie, not only in front of the romantic partner. Even walking around the house alone, dressed in a satiny slip or lace under things can feel scary, because we often fear our bodies surrendered to most natural states. Seductiveness is all in the mind and it turns out that voluptuous women look most seductive in lingerie. Lingerie is a great way for you to enhance those curves.  Plus sized women shouldn’t get stuck in the world of boring bras and panties, as it does nothing to promote body confidence.  We all know that confidence is the key to sensuality and the way you look shouldn’t be based on what you wear but how you carry it.

The world is embracing the theory of big is beautiful, as media is becoming more open to curvaceous women donning their print, television and their senses. Prominence of like Rosie o’Donald, Adele, Melissa McCarthey  in mainstream media promote body love and have brought the sexiness back into the eyes of the public. Body love is an integral part of harbouring a positive outlook towards life, something that every woman should embrace and engrave within themselves.

There are a plethora of options in terms of lingerie for plus size women including, plus size Bra/Panty, full coverage bra, full brief panties and so on.Buying lingerie for women, especially plus sized has a pleasurable connotation attached to it and should face the stigma that it is wrongly associated with. After all, diamonds are honed in the rough.

Here at TLS we celebrate and support your curves, literally! ………..Speak to you soon, dears,


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