Lingerie and self-confidence

Clothes maketh a man and more so a woman…., Let's face it, dearies, we are living in an era that is all about appearance- how one presents herself to the shoes that she wears. Don’t believe me? Check out all the hula -bula around Cannes Festival…is more about the clothes displayed on the gorgeous women rather than the movies screened there. The world knows more about what Dipika Paudukone and Aishwarya Rai B wore than which movie won the Critics Award! Just between you and me I am now rediscovering my self in green…
Talking about looking how clothes help you in many ways than just for the looks, for one dressing in a stunning number boosts your self -confidence and your own feel –good quotient. Wearing a sexy piece of lingerie has the same effect on your physic, in-fact wearing a sexy number on the days that we feel down greatly improves ones mood. It is a misconception that women lingerie holds solely its purpose in covering our privates and enticing the opposite sex. This myth needs to be busted on a rapid basis as it forms a misleading, toxic image in both male and female minds. Feeling good in your lingerie is imperative, regardless of whether anyone else will sneak a peek at you in it or not. Lingerie is a gift and a boon-something that women buy and wear for themselves that makes them look and feel as good as they deserve. What all women need to realize is that the point of a good pair of sexy lingerie is not necessarily for your partner’s voyeuristic pleasure but also for you  to feel like an inner goddess. Lingerie is an essential piece that goes beyond that status of a garment- it symbolizes women empowerment; signifies femininity, sexiness, and inspires women all over the globe.

Most importantly, lingerie can be used as an extension of self on the inside, as it allows one to express herself, irrespective of what she wears on the outside. Women are known to have multiple facets of personalities and lingerie lets us express all of that when we don’t want to project them to the outside world. Sometimes we feel a risqué fire rising in us; we pull out the red push-up bra and a lacy thong to wear with it. When the mood is lazy and modest, lounge bras and cotton briefs are our preferred choice, and when we are gearing up to be cool and casual, we opt for that t-shirt bra and boy short panties. Be it a bra party or pretty panties, we women have a say for every mood .The list can go endless and it is the simple joy of dressing yourself up to reflect your moods inside is beyond mere description through words. 


With the time and effort taken to beautify your body in gorgeous lingerie, it re-affirms your self-worth and boosts self-confidence. It ignites womanly ingenuity, that which urges you to consider yourself as powerful, at every avenue of life. So don’t hesitate, whip out your favorite lingerie and get set to rule the world.

Speak to you soon lovelies, ……pssst:…. ;)


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