How to take a proper care of your favorite lingerie

Back from a tiring work trip just yesterday. It was a two week, multi destination, jet setting gig, I came back with a suitcase full of dirty linen! So this morning I sorted my suitcase into a dry-cleaning pile and wash- at- home pile. Just as I was prepared to dump the at- home- pile, my maid came running to me with a horrified face. “No, Madam, don’t put all your lingerie in the machine, with your jeans! It will spoil the lace”, she admonished. Bless her soul, I was a little disoriented from jet lag so her admonishing helped me to pull me back to reality.    
It’s a common thing to hear “A little love goes a long way” in this era of pride and individuality. There is an immense vat full of love, ready to be spread all across. Even to the fact that there is a great deal of body love that is happening as women are dawning up to the thought of love that comes in all shapes and sizes. Yet, when it comes to showing love towards the most intimate members of our attire- YES, lingerie- we often fall short.  In fact, “How to Take Care of Your Lingerie” and “Best Practices for Lingerie Care” remain the least searched topics when it comes to lingerie. We simply assume that plain washing and stuffing them in the corners of our wardrobe is the best way to go about it. Unfortunately, lingerie is a delicate thing and requires own TLC. So, here’s how you can maximize on the comfort and beauty while taking the best care for lingerie:

The first step to lingerie care is how to wash your lingerie and as icky as it might be, it is not mandatory to wash bras after every wear.  They can survive maximum a day without a wash as after a single wear, you can hang them out to dry in the sun. Whereas for brief panties care, it is necessary to wash them on a daily basis. Our abdominal area often sweats more than the torso and hence requires cleaner undergarments. The regular detergent may prove to be harsh for the delicate garment that lingerie is crafted from. Using detergent specially formulated for the delicate garment will ensure that the lingerie retains its shape for years.  Also, refrain from using bleach as it’s harsh components ruin the texture of the garment

Our delicate intimate requires special attention while storage, too. They are never meant to be hung in the closet, even if it is a corset, body stocking, or other large item and require a special shelf or drawer for it. The weight of the garment itself will cause the fabric to lose its flexibility, if hung for a prolonged time. Most lingerie material is supposed to contour to your body and overstretching defeats the purpose. While we are at storage, the optimal bra care requires bra’s to be stored in bra bags to maintain its delicateness and flexibility.

Vacation packing is mostly fun for us, but stuffing our lingerie in the corners of our luggage may turn out to be criminal for their fit and appearance. Take additional care while packing, with separate bags for lingerie, so that your cosmetics don't leak onto them and damage the colors. Fold them and keep them away from anything that might snag or stretch the delicate pieces. For those extra-sexy items, lay your corsets, merry widows, and bustier flat to not damage the boning, and cushion the ends of the boning. Keep patchouli sachets to ensure that they smell fresh and remain bacteria free for a long time.
So, there you have it! Simple and comprehensive ways to keep your delicate darlings pretty.
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