Be yourself some more

Window shopping!...MMMM...we all know how pleasurable that can be… so last Saturday, on the way back from my gym I had gone mall crawling with my GFs….we were at this home improvement store, a place which we can never get tired of, really. The home will forever have that one little thing it lacks… you know how it is. So here I had spotted a nice bright cushion in one of the racks and as I stretched to reach it on the top shelf, one of my friends just yanked my hand's downs with a shocked look. ”Your bra is showing “She whispered gingerly as if the alien hiding under my T- shirt was popping out. I glanced down and sure enough, a little part of my sports bra cup was poking out through the armhole of my gym tanks! “I am wearing a bra, and it might show here and there,….nothing to be worried about “I shrugged and replied to my friend, who had a look of disbelief or disgust I am not sure which.
Bra straps. Or any other parts of a bra. To show or never to show… this is the point of contestation here. The point to discuss is accidental display of any part of the said garment and not a debate on how good will it look if worn ‘a la Superman’
Women empowerment and trends often go hand in hand, with one of the most pertinent trend being a revelation of bra straps. Our mothers, the very first teachers of femininity, have doled out this sage advice- your bra straps should never show. It’s unladylike and undermines the femininity. We believe her.
As we grow up we find these fluorescent, lacy/bright colored bra straps and wonder why exactly are they made so eye catching and pretty if they are condemned to be buried forever under our blouses and never allowed even a peek of sunshine.
Femininity has a vast body of exertion and showing bra straps doesn’t make us any less of a woman. In fact, it is a subtle sign of confidence as lingerie is a part of our intimate identity and when you are comfortable with yourself even when a tiny part of your bra shows, you set out a message that you have a strong mind and cannot be judged by the presence of a strap- exuding a fearless charm that is inimitable.
Showing strap can be intentional as well in order to give a fun, risqué element to your outfit. Here are a few fun ways show/strap it off:

Wear a sheer blouse
Sheer tops are the on-trend darlings of this season and luckily, the perfect way to show off -- not just your straps, but your entire bra. While the brave can opt for a top that is completely sheer, first-timers should choose one in a semi-sheer fabric for an alluring look that isn't too revealing. Take care to choose a full coverage bra with a sheer top. One may even choose some lace detailed Teddy under sheer clothes.

Try color contrast
A boat neck tee with a wide neckline or an off-the-shoulder dress is the perfect attire to show off your straps.  A basic tank top with a bra in a contrasting color is the perfect way to carry of a casually chic look. The eye-catching contrast becomes a fabulous way to show off your straps.

Choose the perfect straps
To put your straps on display, make sure you are wearing the most eye-catching straps. Printed or neon straps are apt for this- pair up. You may pair your basic black tank with pretty green straps. This gives out an eye-catching appeal to a basic staple.

Make sure it fits
Confidence is the key here- which can only come through a well-fitted bra. A properly-fitted bra can improve your posture, make you look thinner, and help your clothes fit better. If you have never had a professional bra fitting, get your perfect fit using a bra size calculator.

Bralettes are your best friend
There are moments when you’d like to ditch your top- bralettes are your pals, then. The uniquely pretty bras often double up as a top, providing coverage along with much-needed sass. Choose bralettes with intricate front/back design- they are perfect for flaunting a cheeky look.

Revealing your bra strap is a good way to pep up your outfits- and have fun at it! So what are you waiting for? Strap it out!
You have it, so it will show. Let go of the fear, be yourself some more. You’ll love the feel. Trust me
See you soon lovely ladies.


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