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 A bright new year and new resolutions! Speaking about resolutions how did your last year’s go? Well, as for me I have decided to go green, including my resolutions….. so I Reduce, Reuse and Recycle resolutions… year after year……. socially conscious, you see! There! Now that we have resolved to do better this year, let’s spread some good cheer to some of our friends facing ill health. Like Breast Cancer for instance. One of the most important procedures for treating or even preventing the occurrence is the removal of both or one of the breasts. This surgery called Mastectomy results in the survivor with both or one of the breasts removed permanently. Some people experience some other related physical difficulties as well. In such cases an immediate discussion with your Oncologist or social worker is recommended. Post Mastectomy surgery, there are many adjustments that your body must do. Along with the medical intervention there are many kinds of prosthesis and specialised garments a post mastectomy survivor can use in order to help the transition from recovery to normal daily life smooth.

Post Mastectomy Compression Sleeve:

Compression sleeves and garments are designed to apply pressure to the arm, hand, or trunk to keep lymph moving in the right direction. Examples are a sleeve worn on the arm or a finger less glove or a gauntlet (which does not have individual finger openings), often worn with a sleeve or a support bra for the chest area or a vest for the entire trunk area.

All these garments are made of flexible fabric. Sleeves are tighter at the bottom than they are at the top. This helps create the graded (or “gradient”) pressure that keeps the lymph moving out of the arm.

Mastectomy Bra:

A mastectomy bra is specially designed for women who have undergone a mastectomy, or a lumpectomy, and can be worn with breast prostheses. Post-surgical bras are made with specially designed discreet pockets inside the cups. Some mastectomy bras will only have a pocket in one cup, while others have pockets on both cups.

Mastectomy lace bra:

Fancy Mastectomy lace bra are also sold at , which are made of 100 % cotton lace fabric. These come in colours like white, black and beige to suit varied customer preferences. Mastectomy Lace bras also have the mandatory pouch in both the cups so as to hold the breast prosthesis.

Silicon Breast Prosthesis:

Silicon Prosthesis are the bra pads made of silicone, soft silicone gel encased in a thin film. They’re moulded to resemble the natural shape of a woman’s breast, or part of a breast. The outer surface feels soft and smooth and may include a nipple outline

Fibre filled moulded tear drop Prosthesis:

Fibre filled breast forms are lightweight for convenience and comfort and contain removable fibrefill for adjustable fullness. They are triangular shaped form which can be easily adjusted to become any specific size or shape required.

Mastectomy sponge pads:

Mastectomy sponge pads can be used for regular use by a post Mastectomy patient. These are non-silicone forms, made of foam or fibrefill, designed to be worn right after a Mastectomy or during workouts or hot weather. Attachable breast forms designed to be fastened to the chest wall by using adhesive strips or inserted in the pouch of a Mastectomy bra.

Custom made breast Prosthesis:

Custom made Mastectomy breast Prosthesis :at is made from imported, 100 % cotton jersey. The poly-fill filling used is off high quality in order to retain shape. Glass beads are used to adjust the prosthesis to the weight of a natural breast so that there will be no discomfort while wearing. Completely hand-made. Breast prosthesis at The Lingerie store also come in custom made sizes so that you don’t have to worry about the fit.

Surviving a Mastectomy is not the end of the world, rather it is a testament to the grit of the survivor! If one decides to go natural and avoid all forms of prosthesis, that is also good provided it is not for a lateral Mastectomy.

See ya soon, bye for now,               

Love Maiyah.



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