Lingerie buying tips for your plus-sized lover

So there you are, the love-struck lover of an awesome curvalicious woman and now want to buyer her some nice, beautiful lingerie which would make her even more beautiful……..wait there is a problem? Yea I know, How to determine her size? The one thing that you know about her size is that ‘’She is of the Right Size ‘’ for you! J Anyways, there are definitely some points you need to keep in mind while buying lingerie in general and plus –sizes in particular
1    1.Put your heart in to the task Look at buying her beautiful lingerie as an exercise in relationship building rather than an unpleasant chore that you need to get over there are some styles with. You might find that there are some very good looking pieces of lingerie, but not available in Plus-Sizes, remember it’s their loss not being able to cater to this amazing woman.
2    2.Take a sneak peek into her wardrobe You might have to play sleuth and go looking for clues in her clothes cupboard, even her laundry basket! No kidding. Gath…

5 points of a good lingerie website

I was at this handmade chocolate shop the other day where I had to choose between Milk, Dark, White or the latest trend Berry chocolate? I had to pick my basic flavor first before I had to go into the many combinations under each…..quiet tiring , I must say .What with so many choices available in any field of our lives, we sometimes loose to grasp the best one that is suited for us.
The same can be said with the many lingerie online shops. Let’s look at some important points that make an online shop effective. ·Relevant styles to the targeted customer. Identifying a practical targeted audience is of prime importance for a good lingerieonline store. Once this is done the next step would be to identify a collection of merchandise that is suited for the targeted customer base. ·Easily accessible categories After getting the collections ready, the next point to keep in mind is how these products are displayed on the page . To become the best online lingerieretailer, the categories and su…

The ultimate 7-point guide to buying your wedding lingerie

In-between my blissful days of being a carefree bachelorette, I am many times asked to advise a bride-to- be on the points to note while shopping for romantic wedding lingerie. Let me share those insights with you too. The lingerie that you wear for your wedding day is as important as your wedding outfit itself. Let’s look at some very important pointers for a successful wedding lingerie purchase
1. Which one to buy first?   The wedding dress or the lingerie, which one to buy first? Can I pick up my favorite designer bridal lingerie first as soon as I see it in a sale and then decide on my wedding outfit later? Absolutely not! What goes under any outfit has an impact on the way the final dress looks like and the more important the occasion, the more careful one must be while choosing the lingerie to be worn under the outfit. 2. Choose the lingerie as per the wedding dress.  Try your wedding outfit, stand in front of a mirror and see and see what kind of a bra, panty, shape-wear might go wi…

Points to keep in mind while buying shape wear

With the juicy mango season right round the corner, let’s cut ourselves some slack, let’s not talk about dieting for a change! [relief –sigh!]Did you know 3 -5 inches can be ”hidden”? Out od sight is actually out of mind and out of our clothes…. So how is it done? Well, let’s get down to knowing our trusted “secret keeper”, the silent shape wear.
While selecting shape wear from the many brands and styles available in the market, there are some very important features one must keep in mind, before deciding on the right one for you.
Always buy your correct size. Thinking that wearing shape wear which is a size down will help you look even slimmer is wrong. It not only creates a ‘caterpillar-like’ body silhouette but is also bad for your digestion and overall blood circulation. Sit in the shape wear that you want to buy and see if you have enough room to sit straight with your shoulders and back straight. Choose a style that will suit most of your clothes but it is always prudent to hav…

A Socially responsible cause by TLSLingerie-Mastectomy Products

My neighbor had come over for tea the other day. A young career mom in her mid-forties, she has a daughter in high school and two younger children in primary classes. I usually admire her way of dressing and holding forth in between all the things that can go wrong, but that particular evening she was quite not herself. Even her impeccable dressing style was not up to her usual standard!
While we shared tea and home baked cookies, she suddenly asked me “Where can I get post-mastectomy products for myself, any idea?” I was shocked .She then proceeded to tell me that all these years when I was admiring her picture perfect life, she was battling one of the fiercest enemies known to mankind, cancer and what’s more, she came out a winner! All this ,without ever missing a single second of “oomph!” I introduced her to the Mastectomy category on, where you can shop even your feminine care products from the comforts of your home. The range of products for post mastectomy car…

The Better brands on TLS -Inner Sense

Talk about grocery shopping !I was at the local store the other day and found that there wasa whole section dedicated to “Organic Food” that sold everything from milk to vegetables and cereals! I was advises by my trainer at the Gym to stick to and organic diet that included a lot of fresh greens and fruitsand that how I landed there. The sheer variety of food stuffs that are available as organic is just awesome! I will let you on a secret, organic lingerie too is available! You don’t believe me? Check outInner Sensewhich is India’s premier name in organic lingerie. Out of all items in lingerie , Bra and Panty occupies the prime position . Online panty and bra shopping can be very comfortable and relaxing and rewarding if you choose the right brands. Shopping Inner Senselingerie is a smart choice as their lingerie is organic, anti-odor and anti –microbial. Among the many lingerie categories, Inner Sensehas many useful categories in their kitty.
Push up bra: This category is the most sor…

The Better Brands on TLS-Sweet Dreams

Sleep, I find is the most under rated activity of them all, sometimes to the point of being even ignored as an important requirement. To all the sleepy kittens out there I am with you on this one. The importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be over stressed. Uninterrupted, comfortable continuous sleep for 8 hours does wonders as compared to intermitted, disturbed sleep for 10 hours. A lot of factors play a crucial role in helping us to remain in that blissful cloud of sleep, which includes our mood to what we wear. Choosing the right sleep wear is of utmost importance in having a relaxing sleep. Let me introduce one such brands, Sweet Dreams that retails quality sleep wearat has made the buying of women’s Pyjama online very easy and hassle free. A plethora of styles in cute pajama setsare available on their easy shop page , Premium brands of India have chosen as their chosen portal to sell their quality …