The year has just begun, 2019 has kicked in

The year has just begun, 2019 has kicked in and now after the new year Frenzy we all have settled in using the
new year ‘2019’ everywhere.  While this year unfolds, we see some changes in many mundane every day
things around us, be it colours, fabrics, new menu at our favourite eateries, a new trend is visible even in our
Bra & Panty world as well.
While we all know that as far as buying lingerie is concerned, we give prime importance to ‘personal preference
‘as compared to ‘what everyone else is wearing, there is one distinctive styling feature that keeps popping out
in most of the styles for 2019, that is Comfort.
Increasingly women are seen importance to this feature, especially the Millennials. Going out are the stuffy
cumbersome styling and itchy fabrics.
Soft -cup Bralettes.
This is one style that is seeing a lot of experimenting with in 2019. Women have increasingly started to look
away from underwired bras, so that style will continue to plateau. Steel underwires are increasingly rejected for
being archaic and currently are being replaced by modern technologies such as 3D wires that follow the
natural curve of the body providing a more comfortable fit. Women are also leaning towards soft wireless bras,
reflecting the modern vibe of self -care, comfort and liberation.
Sports Bras: - Yet again, keeping in line with the comfortable look, Sports bras have evolved far more than
being the average gym staple.2019 is a year for many innovative stylings in sports bras, making it a hot
favourite with the Millennials as a day wear.
High-Leg Cut, Clean edge Panties.
Keeping in line with the current trend of giving importance for comfort, fussy panties are being replaced with
clean-edged styles for every-day wear. High-leg cut panties, that remind us of the 80s silhouettes, are now
available in softer fabrics like jerseys.
Culotte– briefs are in:
A hot new trend in the Ladies lingerie section is the appearance of Culottes and Shorties. Lingerie for the
younger set is coming in low-leg styles with hipster waist.

Velvet Lingerie
Another hot new trend in the Lingerie department currently is the use of velvet as a preferred fabric to make
Lingerie. This keeps inline with the current trend of comfortable lingerie, as velvet feels soft and plush next to
the skin. New-age technologies make velvet very lightweight, transparent and even stretchy making it an ideal
fabric for lingerie paired with lace or soft mesh.


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