about dents in moulded cups. Read everything carefully before making a purchase!

“I am going Lingerie Shopping, need something?”
popped in my neighbour from the next -door condo. While deciding what to ask her to get for me from the
nearby book shop on her way back, I found her walking straight to my recliner, plopping down, whipping out
her tab and proceeding to go shopping for inner wear -online!
Shopping online, especially buying Ladies lingerie online makes a lot of sense these days  as they offer
shopping in peace , offer a wider selection than any Brick and Mortar shop could possibly hold. What’s
more, online lingerie brands offer deep discounts at odd seasons, even when a traditional Brick and Mortar
shop does not have a sale period. Online lingerie has it’s own challenges as well, but it can be very convenient
and totally worth it. On one hand, bras come in so many different sizes, and finding the best fit without being
able to try it on can be very tricky. On the other, you can skip the trip to the bra shop, and there are so many
more options online. This is especially true for those that do not live in a metropolitan area with a trusted bra
boutique and bra fitting staff.
If you're unsatisfied with the bra selection at your local shop, or they simply don't carry the size you need,
shopping online can be a great help. Alternatively, those who may be too shy to have an in-person fitting, or
would blush at the thought of buying something racy in public, can keep their privacy and try anything the
internet has to offer with a few clicks of the mouse. 
Below are a few steps to help you have a successful online bra, underwear, and lingerie shopping trip. 
Get your exact size:

There are many tools online that can be used wisely in-order to get the correct size. Using
the bra size calculator is very helpful determining the correct size of your bra online, rather than going with
your previous purchased size all the time. From the calculated size of your best fitting bra, you can go for
sister sizing chart as required.

Choose an occasion or two:
Since you are buying bra online, where there is a wider choice than an offline shop, you might as well build a
functional wardrobe for yourself, with appropriate bra and panties for each occasion. There should be lingerie
sets for the office, day wear, party wear and those that are required by specific dresses.
  • Pay attention to the clues on the website. Good online lingerie retailers will have lots of
    information on the fit, coverage, and sizing of a bra- [Tag this to “Fit Basics”]. Some even offer
comparisons to other models. 
  • Ask for help. Certain online retailers offer a chat function, - [Tag this to “CHAT”] so
    you can chat with a customer service representative while you shop. You can also call or email
with your inquiries about sizing, material, or function. Read through the information
on the website first, and if something is unclear, don't be afraid to speak up and ask
before you purchase. You can also research on bra fitting or educational sites. Asking
or learning now can save the headache of shipping back and forth later. 
  • Make use of the Free shipping [Tag this to shipping policy] provided: Most sites offer free shipping
    if the purchase is above a certain amount. It is advisable to plan ahead and buy several necessary
pieces at a single time so that you get free shipping on your merchandise.
  • Check the Return Policy [Tag it to the Return Policy}: It is very difficult to get the right fit in Lingerie.
  • Before you decide to purchase a piece, make sure that you have read through the Shipping Policy of the webpage. Many retailers have different policies for return. Most retailers will not let the under wear to be returned, and due to hygiene issues, you must not trust a site that lets you return a tried and tested under wear. However, a swimsuit can be tried over your own underwear. Many sites let you try and return a bra.T he tags must remain on to get a full refund, and most retailers have rules about dents in moulded cups. Read everything carefully before making a purchase!

Seeya soon,
Love Maiyah.


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